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  • Harare CBD

Mecer 3kv and 5kv from usd 550

  • Harare East

Allgrand 200Ah @$420 Allgrand 170Ah @$350 Allgrand 150Ah @$330 Allgrand 100Ah @$220 +

  • Harare CBD

New installation and repairs of water pumps,well pumps,booster pumps,pressure tanks,automatic control switch,reserve tanks,plumbing and electrical connections call on 0774...

  • Harare West

Prices from $180.00 USD. Sizes/Capacity from 1 horsepower (1HP). Inbuilt MPPT:- self adaptive high accuracy PV array MPPT arithmetic accuracy reach 99%. Compatible with AC/DC tw...

  • Harare East

Shinko Afrika offers you a wide range of inverters for home & Commercial Solar systems, from the smallest to big inverters. Grid Tie Inverters Off Grid Inverters Hybrid Inverter...

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We offer professional electrical and solar services to organisations and individuals.


The kit contains: 1.Brackets, 2.Screws 3.HeadBolt 4.Flange Nuts 5.End Clamps 6.Mid Clamps 7. Mounting Rails. Mounting systems cover nearly the entire spectrum of possible...

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Lithium ion batteries, 5kva mecer and Kodak inverter ; 400 watts , 405watts and 410watts For sale

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  • Harare South

9AIRDAC 25mm $1.26 USD/m PER METER Works as an overhead conductor for connecting power from the H.D.A line to the meter box.

  • Harare South

D IRONS AND SHACKLE INSULATORS PRICE $6 USD Used in the construction of overhead transmission lines.

  • Harare West

360W Monocrystalline #solar #panels for sale, 72 cells Free delivery in #Harare, these are your panels with the best efficiency in rainy season and during cloud cover

  • Harare North

Mecer Axpert 3000VA/3000W 24V Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter/Charger (600W MPPT) - Off-Grid MKS Pure sine wave inverter Built-in MPPT solar charge controller Configur...

  • Harare CBD

500 watt inverter for sale. Converts 12volts to 220 volts. It can power Tv, radio, decoder etc. it also has an in built charger so your battery is charged when Zesa comes back...Ap...

  • Harare South

7. D Irons And Shackle Insulators Price $6 Usd Used In The Construction Of Overhead Transmission Lines.

  • Harare CBD

Digital timer with 7 programmable times 7 days a week, very reliable in saving electricity usage. Contact me on whatsapp.

  • Harare West


  • Harare East

Zesa prepaid meters for sale

  • Harare CBD

PVC Pipes (conduit pipes). Available in 19mm and 25mm.

  • Harare West

Move green electricals for all your electrical , power back , off-grid systems needs , we are available in Harare