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Asus i3 Desktop H310M-K
USD 761  |
ZWL 41,855
  • New
  • i3 9100F
  • Harare East

ASUS Prime 300 Series motherboards provide the solid foundation needed for your first build, plus flexibility to grow with your ambitions. We've melded all the good stuff that's pa...

Asus Custom Built Core i9 Desktop with 1080ti 8Gb Graphics card + 32 Gb RGB Ram + 32 Inch Curve Monitor
USD 2,400  |
ZWL 74,400
  • New
  • 32 inc
  • Intel Core i9-9700k up to 4.5GHz Processor 4MB Cache
  • Harare CBD

i9 9700k Cpu @ turbo 4.5Ghz processor Nvidia GeForce 1080ti 8Gb Graphics card + Ballistics 32 Gb RGB Ram 1Tb San Disk Pro SSD Drive 10Tb IronWolf Seagate HDD 1000Watt Modula...