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Amalgam barrel mill
  • Kwekwe

Amalgam barrel mill. Price is in USD

3-4 tonne crusher
  • Kwekwe

3-4 tonne crusher. Price is in USD

Wet pan mill 2 tonne
  • Kwekwe

Our gold grinding Wet Pan Mill is mainly used for separation of gold, silver, lead, zinc, molybdenum, iron, copper, antimony, tungsten, tin and other minerals selected. With less i...

Wet pan round mill
  • Kwekwe

Wet pan round mill. 1 tonne

Mining drill bits
  • Kwekwe

Mining drill bits with higher penetration rate and long life. Quality products for sale

Mineral separator
  • Kwekwe

Ideally suited for the sifting and separating of minerals

Compressor 24hp
  • Kwekwe

Compressor 24hp. Price is in USD

Stamp mill 1450
  • Kwekwe

3 stamp mill 1450. Brand new. Produces a tonne per hour. Price is in USD and RTGS equivalent.

Elution Boiler
  • Kwekwe

Made for the convenience of doing your own elutions whenever. Fabricated by ourselves Birmet Investments. Price is in USD

Hammer mill beaters
  • Kwekwe

Hammer mill beaters sold as a set of 6

Melting pot hammer mill beaters
  • Kwekwe

For mining consumables get in touch. Diesel hammer mills $1100, melting pot $36, hammer mill beaters $13 and more..

  • Kwekwe

A range of Pedgree Brahman bulls for sale from $1300

Ball mill
  • Kwekwe

New ball mining for sale. Price is in USD. RTGS equivalent is accepted