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Bull for Sale
  • Chivhu

This Bull (Brahman cross) is for sale in Featherstone Area. its turning 6 years in September Prices in USD or RTGS $ negotiable.Swap with bulling heifer also accepted.

Bulls and oxen and steers for sale
  • Chivhu

Brahman and crossbraman bulls,steers and 3 heifers for sale. These are cattle of high quality. There are in Chivhu Wiltshire farm Age 2 yrs to 3 years 1 year are also availab...

Adep Farm Produce
  • Chivhu

Adep Farm produce adheres to carter for all what most small scale farmers are struggling with ranging from various types of birds e.g Bosch,Australorp,Koekoeks,Rock Plymouth and Gu...