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Renocare Hydrocolloid 10x10cm
  • Harare East

Ideal for burns, waterproof bandage Features • High fluid absorption • Flexible and conformable • No animal derived compounds • Can be gamma sterilized Indications • Light t...

Powder Chelated Iron Corrector
  • Harare East

Greencon sells Biofer EDDHA fertilizers. Please contact to find out more

Duraseal Xact
  • New
  • Harare East

DuraSeal® Xact system offers features tissue adherence and cohesive strength to withstand critical CSF pressures during spinal procedures. The hydrogel technology of the DuraSeal®...

Solar Borehole Pump 120Head METRES, 3200 litres /HOUR
  • Harare East

Solar Borehole Pump Complete with MPPT Controller & Sensors 120metres Lift Head 3200 litres/ hour MAXIMUM pumping Capacity 72 Volts Rated 1100watts ( Install with 1250 watts S...

Hard Neck Collar/ Philadelphia Collar
  • New
  • Harare East

USD$25 Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes

Portable Suction Machine
  • Harare East

Single bottle Model : Model: ASU-200 / Acare Suction Unit is a reliable portable device. It is suitable for hospital, clinic and outdoor for patient to draw out sputum. Acare suct...

Non Contact Industrial Thermometer
  • Harare East

Precise non-contact IR thermometer, safe and easy to use. Simply point to an object and read its temperature. Laser sight allows accurate targeting. Consist of optics, temperatu...

Bubble Air Mattress
  • Harare East

Material : Heavy Duty Medical PVC - Can hold up to 130 kgs. - Alternating pressure mattress helps prevention and also relieve pain from sore spots, pressure spots, and pressure u...