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230mm Metabo Angle Grinder
  • Harare East

The most powerful & effecient Angle Grinder for Industrial application. Metabo is the first and compared to non. Made in Germany, Made by Metabo For all Range of Metabo...

Blood pressure machine
  • New
  • Harare East

USD $70 price Simple, portable and easy to use Ideal for home,office, clinic, or hospital use.

Bubble Air Mattress
  • Harare East

Material : Heavy Duty Medical PVC - Can hold up to 130 kgs. - Alternating pressure mattress helps prevention and also relieve pain from sore spots, pressure spots, and pressure u...

Room Thermo hygrometer
  • Harare East

Uses batteries Measures room temperature and humidity simultaneously.

Hard Neck Collar/ Philadelphia Collar
  • New
  • Harare East

USD$25 Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes

Multi Purpose Trolley
  • Harare East

A genuine stainless steel product

Ripple Air mattress
  • Harare East

Uses electricity Ideal bed for bedridden or persons with low mobility as it allows air movement thereby reducing the risk of pressure sores