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Maize seed SC 727 20 000 kernels
USD 39.05
  • Harare West

160 days to maturity up to 18 tons plus more yields Late maturing hybrids A tall statured combo-type long season hybrid which combines excellent grain yields with good toleran...

Semi commons
USD 60
  • Harare West

Semi commons transport included

Vicon 700 litres
USD 2,500
  • Harare West

700 Litres Vicon Readily available at Gate 4 Harare Showgrounds along Rekayi Tangwena

Drip irrigation system (100 lines)
USD 1,250
  • Harare West

Drip irrigation system 100 lines by 100 metres

Kenyan bar top hive
USD 30
  • Harare West

Bee hives for beginners Our wooden beehives are custom made, manufactured from solid wood sourced locally. The family of a queen bee and the other worker bees reside in these woo...

Tub Chairs
USD 200
excl. VAT
  • Harare West

Amy Tub Chairs Leatherette Suitable for visitors

Maize seed SC 529 10kgs
USD 28.90
  • Harare West

134 days to maturity up to 11 tons Early maturing hybrids SC 529 is a white dent early maturity hybrid with a very good tolerance to Grey Leaf Spot and very high yield potentia...

4 Drawer filing Cabinet
USD 295
  • Harare West

4 Drawer filing Cabinet with Handrails and independent lock. $295

Standard Chair
USD 13
  • Harare West

Standard Chair ranges from $13

Combined Desk
USD 40
  • Harare West

Combined Desk ranges from $40

1 to 5 seater reception bench
USD 166
excl. VAT
  • Harare West

1 to 5 seater reception bench. We also have in stock reception benches with arms

528 egg special insulation incubator for sale.
USD 650
  • Harare West

Proper temperature and humidity setting. Automatic turning. Combo includes hatcher and setter.

Maize seed SC 403 10kgs
USD 28.90
  • Harare West

127 days to maturity up to 7 tons Very early maturing hybrid SC 403 is a very early white Maize Streak and Mottle Viruses tolerant hybrid, with a relatively short, flinty ear a...

1.8M Slasher Mower
USD 3,850
  • Harare West

1.8 Metres Slasher Mower for sale

6 Tonne Tipping Trailer
USD 8,500
  • Harare West

6 Tonne Tipping Trailer for sale.

point of lay pullets
USD 7.50
  • Harare West

Hyline Point of lay pullets for sale. we a taking bookings for 27 October collection. Fully vaccinated and debeaked. Give us a call today and secure yours . We will also provide yo...

Maize seed SC 637 2 kgs
  • Harare West

148 days to maturity up to 13 tons per hectare Medium maturing hybrids This white semi-flint, medium maturing maize hybrid offers higher yields of 13% and 19% over SC 709 and S...

Fiona executive chair
USD 231
  • Harare West

Fiona Chair.1 of 12 Managerial chairs, Ergonomic with back and knee tilt mechanism, Adjustable height and back tension

Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer
USD 50
  • Harare West


Maize seed SC 533 5kgs
USD 15.10
  • Harare West

134 days to maturity Early maturing hybrid SC 533 is a white dent early maturity hybrid with a very good tolerance to Grey Leaf Spot and very high yield potential for an early...