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Two way station
  • Harare South

Price in RTGS Great quality at affordable rates Call us for a unique office design quotation

  • Harare South

Wise Jet Cranes is a very reliable Crane service provider with a fleet of well maintained cranes .From 35 ton crane to 90 ton {the beast}. Our service is known across sectors...

6 compartments meat display chiller / freezer
  • Harare CBD

Available are 6 compartments maet display freezers. Zimbabwean made.

Bee hive longsthrot design brood box and super
  • Harare West

Bee hive longsthrot design brood box and super

Two (2) way workstation
  • Harare North

Romano 2 way workstation for only. Free Harare CBD delivery. Contact us on for more info

Wooden storage crate for toys
  • Harare West


Bandsaw Meat Cutting Machine (USD)
  • Harare South

Bandsaw Meat Cutting Machine. Made to order. Factory Price Guide USD$2400.00.

Tipper Renault
  • Harare South

Tipper Renult NE160, 6 cubic 1995 Good runner $7000

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230mm Metabo Angle Grinder
  • Harare East

The most powerful & effecient Angle Grinder for Industrial application. Metabo is the first and compared to non. Made in Germany, Made by Metabo For all Range of Metabo...

Kutsaga Gromix ®
  • Harare South

The TRB produces GromixUltra which is completely free of pest and diseases and is optimally produced for use as media for horticultural tobacco and tree seedlings.

Bulk filler cabinet
  • Harare West

Bulk filer, from 3 bay up to 12 bay bulk filer $2 200

Kutsaga Gnatbuster
  • Harare South

Specially designed for riddance of gnats, whiteflies and other flying insects in the seedbed and greenhouse

Brahman bulling heifers for sale
  • Harare West

Brahman bulling heifers for sale. These are high quality bulling heifers. Prices are in USD and RTGS equivalent

Kutsaga Seeds (Price per Hectare)
  • Harare South

High quality, certified, hybrid tobacco, and Sunnhemp seed produced by a gazetted seed certifying agency (Kutsaga Seed Association) accredited to the National Seed Authority, affil...

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9030 black swivel chair

NEW ARRIVAL NB: PRICE IS IN USD please contact with us at shop 1: (Tabeth)/. address: 23crawford road, granitside, harare...

Maize seed SC 403 10kgs
  • Harare West

127 days to maturity up to 7 tons Very early maturing hybrid SC 403 is a very early white Maize Streak and Mottle Viruses tolerant hybrid, with a relatively short, flinty ear a...

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Detergents and Disinfectants
  • Other
  • Harare West

We have a wide range of effective cleaning detergents and disinfectants for your fowl run, drinkers and feeders. Available at all our shops and agents. CLEANING FOR PROSPERI...