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Covid 19 Disinfection Services
  • Harare West

Whether you have an active Covid 19 case or you just want to take precautions in the prevation of Covid 19 Clearworld Cleaners is your trusted disinfection services provider. call...

Sofas Cleaning, Seats Cleaning and Chair Cleaning Services
  • Harare West

Before reupholstering try us for a professional service in all upholstery cleaning concerns. We clean and ensure your seats are health-risk free and leave them refreshed and smelli...

Honey Sucker Harare | Honey Sucking Services | Honeysucker Harare
  • Harare CBD

Are you looking for a honey sucker Harare Company? Call us today.There are a lot of reasons you should use our honey sucker harare services. 1. Emergencies - Do you have a honey s...

Specialized Car Washing
  • Harare West

We take pride in the amount of time we spend cleaning and detailing of each and every vehicle that passes through our Specialized Car Wash.

Carpet Cleaning & Fumigation Services
per sq metre
  • Harare West

When kept uncleaned, carpets and sofas can be the best place for germs, bacterias and pests to breed in. Call us for a professional service to keep your place refreshingly clean an...

Chair/Sofa Cleaning services
  • Harare West

Our chair cleaning services give your home and/ or office a fresh look. Keep those chairs and furniture dirt and allergen free.

Rats / rodent control -
USD 65
  • Harare CBD

Rodents use their sensitive nose to locate food, follow pathways and identifying new objects in their territory. They use long whiskers and guard hairs to "touch" their way through...

Cleaning services
  • Harare North

We offer professional cleaning services for your offices and houses as well as windows.

Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Harare West

We do not cut corners we use the Best Methods, Best Shampoos and Best Equipment to carry out Carpet Cleaning Services!!

Cleaning Services
  • Harare CBD

We provide professional, timely cleaning services. Call us for any job. Office and home.

Septic Tank Cleaning Services Harare | Reliable and Efficient Service
  • Harare CBD

Do you want your septic tank cleaned? We offer reliable septic tank cleaning services in Harare and Zimbabwe.There are a lot of reasons you should use our septic tank cleaning ser...

Bathroom cleaning
  • Harare West

We clean your dirty toilets and stained bathrooms to be sparkling clean. We are the only professional cleaner how can match your standards. Try us now.

Industrial, Commercial, Office & Domestic Cleaning Services
  • Harare South

All Specialist Cleaning Solutions Here is a breakdown of the different types of specialist cleaning solutions that we provide: | Floor Maintenance: All types of flooring, Wet w...

Daily cleaning/ periodic cleaning contracts
  • Harare CBD

Startbay Cleaning Services: we offer daily and periodic cleaning services for your offices, commercial, industrial and home space. We have experienced, trained and well vetted clea...

Polishing of tiles, bath and toilets
USD 200
  • Harare West

Generally toilet build lime and dirty which domestic household cleaners will not remove...

Carpet and sofa cleaning
  • Harare North

We clean all your carpets, curtains and sofas taking care of your delicate materials and preserving its colour. Please give us a ring.

  • Harare East

We have utilized our wealth of experience and method...

Carpet cleaning services
USD 30
  • Harare CBD

Carpet cleaning services, Couch Cleaning, 30 minutes to dry

Pest control
USD 20
  • Harare CBD

SCS Hygiene: We offer fumigation and baiting services for your home and office @ the best prices and results. 6months guarantee, contact us on email: , website...

Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Harare CBD

Carpet Cleaning. Call us to book a weekly, fortnightly or once off clean with our reliable cleaners today