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  • Harare CBD

Capert cleaning call

  • Harare CBD

Tile Cleaning-For all the cleaning of tiles,,Wooden,ceramic,,marbles,we are champions on that and we garantee you that we return the quality and texture of your tiles,also deep cle...

  • Harare CBD

Couches cleaning Domestic and Industrial seats cleaning,they will be ready to use in 30mins.

Bathroom Cleaning services
  • Harare CBD

TOILETS CLEANING-cleaning of toilets,basins,tubs,we remove stains and rust,,we assure you sparkling rest rooms and bath rooms

Carpet Repairs and Deep Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

CARPETS REPAIRS,,We mend your tone carpets,,removal and new fittings,,we deep clean and shampoo carpets,,ready for use in 30mins nomatter weather conditions-Call-...

Carpet and sofa cleaning

Vacuuming is great for day-to-day carpet maintenance. But to keep it at peak performance, we recommends professionally deep cleaning your carpet every 12 to 18 months. (Be sure to...

Deep Carpet Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We are the best in Deep Carpet Cleaning . We clean it to be like new and it dry up in 30 minutes at a reasonable price. We are the best in town. Call us and we do it !!

Carpet Re-streching
  • Harare CBD

We re-strech and repair carpets

Post Construction Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We are specialists in Post Construction Cleaning and we offer quality services.We clean all the dirty which accumulated during the construction period. We clean windows, tiles ,t...

Sofas Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We clean all your dirty Sofas at a reasonable price. We also provide office cleaning and homes. Our services are reliable and of high quality.

Tank cleaning
  • Harare North

+++++++++Tank Cleaning++++++++++ +++++++++ALL Sizes++++++++++++++

Office cleaning and Cleaners available
  • Harare CBD

We offer Office cleaning and maintenance for your business. We also hire out office Cleaners for your day to day cleaning. We are the best in town. Call us on or 078...

Window cleaning services
  • Harare CBD

Window cleaning services for Domestic and industrial premises and high rising building.we remove borehole water from windows and shower cubicles. and deep cleaning carpets,,call 07...

Floor polishing
  • Harare CBD

We offer cleaning services for all your ceramic, marbles and wooden tiles. We also specialise in Deep Carpet Cleaning and cleaning of walls and windows. We are the best in town. Ou...

Pest Control Specialist
  • Harare North

Price from $500 1)Termites) 2)Rats (3)Cockroaches 4)Mosquitoes 5)Rodents 6) Bees

Office mantainance
  • Harare CBD

We can repair all your office furniture or blinds just call now on

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
  • Harare West

Stop the spread of germs and illness with our comprehensive range of hand sanitiser dispensers. Our dispensers include integral antibacterial technology and are perfect for when th...

Dust, Windows and Spider web cleaning
  • Harare High Density

For all your dust removal, spider web removal and window cleaning get in touch with us for a quality service. Email:

Minglobal Cleaning Services

Indoor and outdoor total cleaning solutions Sofas,beds,pillows and carpet cleaning services Laundry and dry cleaning services Fumigation Services Gardening Services

Pest Hunters Fumigators
  • Harare CBD

Pest Hunters Fumigators is a local fumigation company in Zimbabwe which offers best services @affordable prices, we are specialists in controlling termites, rats, cockroaches, bee...