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Office mantainance
  • Harare CBD

We can repair all your office furniture or blinds just call now on

Cleaning Chemical Supplies
  • Harare North

For all your cleaning chemicals including pine gel, sanitizer, hard surface cleaner, stain remover, dishwashing liquid, floor polish (all colours), Bleach,Tile Cleaner, Drain Opene...

Tank cleaning
  • Harare North

+++++++++Tank Cleaning++++++++++ +++++++++ALL Sizes++++++++++++++

Cleaning materials
  • Harare North

We supply mops, hard and soft brooms, sanitary brushes, mutton cloths, pvc & household gloves, cleaning brushes, bin liners, bins and buckets.

Floor polishing
  • Harare CBD

We offer cleaning services for all your ceramic, marbles and wooden tiles. We also specialise in Deep Carpet Cleaning and cleaning of walls and windows. We are the best in town. Ou...

  • Harare CBD

We fumigate offices, buildings, cupboards, corners etc. With us is goodbye to bugs

Pest control
  • Harare North

We fumigate your premises against cockroaches, rodents, termites, mosquitoes

Office cleaning and Cleaners available
  • Harare CBD

We offer Office cleaning and maintenance for your business. We also hire out office Cleaners for your day to day cleaning. We are the best in town. Call us on or 078...

Pest Control
  • Harare CBD

We provide a long lasting solution to all types of pests. Full removal and fumigation with a monitoring after services.

Furniture and Floor Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We clean household and office furniture and floors including mukwa wood, leather, tiles, glass etc

per metre
Blinds cleaning
  • Harare CBD

For all .blinds reaparing and suupply ,call $4.00 per mts for supply ..

Rats / rodent control -
  • Harare CBD

Rodents use their sensitive nose to locate food, follow pathways and identifying new objects in their territory. They use long whiskers and guard hairs to "touch" their way through...

roman blinds
  • Harare CBD

Roman blinds done as per order call

per sq metre
  • Harare CBD

Capert cleaning call

Pest control - German cockroaches -
  • Harare CBD

German cockroaches: German cockroaches produce more eggs (30-40 eggs in one egg shell) and has more generations per year therefore a troublesome infestation can develop rapidly...

Carpet Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We provide a reliable and top quality carpet cleaning services throughout the capital. Our services are available to suit you either monthly, periodically, annually or as just a on...

Carpet and sofa cleaning
  • Harare North

We clean all your carpets, curtains and sofas taking care of your delicate materials and preserving its colour. Please give us a ring.

House Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We offer Full House Cleaning including walls, floors, Windows and households.

Post Construction Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We are specialists in Post Construction Cleaning and we offer quality services.We clean all the dirty which accumulated during the construction period. We clean windows, tiles ,t...

Suppliers and fitters of Local, Imported Carpets and Tiling
  • Harare CBD

All commercial and Domestic Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Carpet Re-strectch and Repair Curtain and Blinds Cleaning Delicate Hand and Floor Rugs