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Office mantainance
  • Harare CBD

We can repair all your office furniture or blinds just call now on

Garbage collection
  • Ruwa

We do collect all rubbish from your premises, we also offer weekly, fortnight and monthly services.

Sofa Cleaning
  • Harare West

Sofa Cleaning We clean your sofas, couch and related furniture with state of the the art tools to give them that new look and lasting impressions. Why wait, contact us now

Carpet Cleaning
  • Harare West

We clean your carpets to give them that new look which will you not only marvel at but will leave you and your visitors satisfied

Post Construction Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We are specialists in Post Construction Cleaning and we offer quality services.We clean all the dirty which accumulated during the construction period. We clean windows, tiles ,t...

Pest control - Integrated Pest Management -
  • Harare CBD

Ultimate Pest Control Services offers you eco-friendly pest control services to eradicate cockroaches ants, rats, weevils, silverfish etc. We use organic pesticides and offer lo...

Floor polishing
  • Harare CBD

We offer cleaning services for all your ceramic, marbles and wooden tiles. We also specialise in Deep Carpet Cleaning and cleaning of walls and windows. We are the best in town. Ou...

Deep Carpet Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We are the best in Deep Carpet Cleaning . We clean it to be like new and it dry up in 30 minutes at a reasonable price. We are the best in town. Call us and we do it !!

Fire damage cleaning
  • Harare West

Fire damage cleaning Chemical compositions and residue formed after fire incidents require that you leave the after-incident cleaning to experts. We are experienced and trained to...

Cleaning Services
  • Harare CBD

We provide cleaning services, Its all about personal hygiene and prevention of diseases. Daily cleaning, Periodical Cleaning. Interior & Exterior, Deployments of mats, vaccum clea...

Pest control services -

Reactive pest control services: The energy and time required to completely eliminate a pest population is much greater than that required to keep a pest population suppres...

Crickets -
  • Harare CBD

Appearance: Size and appearance of crickets vary according to species, but most crickets have long thin antennae and large jumping hind legs. Behavior, Diet & Habits:...

Tank cleaning
  • Harare North

+++++++++Tank Cleaning++++++++++ +++++++++ALL Sizes++++++++++++++

Rubbles collection
  • Ruwa

We collect rubbles for dumping on weekly basis, fortnight and monthly services

Guaranteed fumigation services -

Fumigation services done by professionals. We guarantee you a pest free environment after fumigation. We also do according to customers' specifications. Cockroaches, bees, ant...

Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Harare West

Post-Construction Cleaning Spare yourself of the headache of cleaning your premises after construction or renovation like the above scenario. Dropwash makes sure the appearance a...

per metre
Blinds cleaning
  • Harare CBD

For all .blinds reaparing and suupply ,call $4.00 per mts for supply ..

Sofas Cleaning
  • Harare CBD

We clean all your dirty Sofas at a reasonable price. We also provide office cleaning and homes. Our services are reliable and of high quality.

Car wash services , engine & chasis wash
  • Harare East

Car Wash Services , Engine & Chasis Wash , Call or

Office cleaning and maids
  • Harare CBD

We offer Office cleaning and maintenance for your business. We also hire out maids for your day to day cleaning. We are the best in town. Call us on or