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Z$ 1,521
incl. VAT
Common Bricks
  • Harare West

BIG Savings...

Z$ 660
Brick Rubbles
  • Harare West

Brick Rubbles for sale

Z$ 1,859
Hardburn Common Bricks
  • Harare West

Price per 1000 bricks. Price inclusive of transport

Z$ 2,535
Hard burn bricks for sale
  • Harare West

Hard burn bricks for sale. $150 per 1000 bricks. Transport loading and off loading is provided at an additional cost. Please call us for details. Transport is countrywide.

Z$ 4,320
Red face bricks
  • Harare South

Face bricks per thousand $270

Z$ 1,920
Hard Burn Bricks
  • Harare South

Hard Burn Bricks $ 120 per thousand

Z$ 5,500
Red rustic face bricks
  • Harare West

Red rustic bricks for sale. $250 for a thousand bricks.Buy 20 000 bricks and get 200 free bricks. We provide transport at an additional cost. Same day delivery.

Z$ 1,440
Common Bricks per 1000
  • Harare West

For the best Common Bricks contact us at Express Bricks and Quarry, Transport is available USD

Z$ 15,750
Blue Black Bricks per 1000
  • Harare West

Blue black bricks are well formed machine made bricks hydraulically compacted.

Z$ 1
Common Bricks(cement)
  • Harare CBD

Strong and durable common Compressed Cement Bricks come and collect @ my site , we discount for bulk orders Tried and tested with S.A.Z

Z$ 3,840
Red Rustic Brick
  • Harare West

Red Rustic Brick

Z$ 0
Cement Bricks
  • Harare High Density

Cement Common Compressed Bricks Tried and tested with SAZ for durable structure, come and collect at my site , We provide free qoutation!!!! Just hit my inbox

Z$ 10
Plum Rustic Face brick
  • Harare West

Plum Rustic Face bricks. USD$0.48 Plot 3 along Kirkman Road just after Puma service station. Contacts us

Z$ 7,605
Botswana White Face Brick
  • Harare East

Botswana White face brick for sale. The price is in USD and its inclusive of transport