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Bookkeeping services, Contact Us For Free Telephone Tax & Accounting Advice
  • Harare North

Under bookkeeping we provide the following services Set-up and design of financial reporting, customised to suit the company’s organisational structure Industry-specific accoun...

Zimra Audit, Investigations, Garnish Appeals,Tax Clearance
  • Harare North

2019 Tax Clearances Renewal ,Now is the time A Zimra (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) tax audit is generally aimed at ensuring that you as corporate taxpayer are making correct tax re...

Shelf companies
  • Harare CBD

We offer shelf companies at competitive prices

  • Harare CBD

 In order for you to participate in Government tenders in Zimbabwe, you need to be Registered with the Governments’ parastatal called: PROCUREMENT REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF ZIMBABWE...

Accounting ,Bookkeeping,Year End Financial Reports
  • Harare North

Accounting, Book-keeping Services ,Year - Audit and Tax Schedules and Reconciliations We prepare everything to the final accounts from books of original entry to finish. Our te...

Biddulphs furniture removals specialist
  • Harare South

Any type of furniture requires professional packing with the best materials available. At Biddulphs International, we wrap each item of furniture individually in plain white paper...

Tax Clearance 2019,ITF 16,Returns filling Online,Efilling Registration
  • Harare North

Tax clearances Renewal Now Is The Time Vat Returns Computation, Tax Clearance Application, Efilling Registration Submission Of Income Tax Returns (ITF16) For The Tax Year End...

Vendor registration
  • Harare CBD

Need help with your business vendor registration. Please call us and we can help you every step of the way for only $500 RTGS

  • Harare North

Have you been billed penalties interests by Zimra . Its is your right and privilege to appeal for reprieve of penalties or negotiate a payment plan with zimra .We can help you nego...

Private Limited Company Registration
  • Harare West

Register your very own private limited company with minimum fuss on your part. We do all the heavy lifting and take control of what could be a very stressful situation. We also off...

Company registration
  • Harare CBD

Start your company registration with the assistance from respected consultants in Zimbabwe,We offer you fast and reliable company registration services for only $400 RTGS

2019 Tax Clearances Renewal, TAX TRAINING, Pastel & Quickbooks Training
  • Harare North

Tax Training Trinity Tax Accountants provides bespoke tax training solutions for large and medium size companies. Tax risk management cannot be done by the tax manager only. The...

Zimra Bank Tax Clearance
  • Harare CBD

For you to open a Company Bank Account in Zimbabwe, it is mandatory to have a Zimra Bank Tax Clearance (Bank Advice Note). We assist in obtaining this document from Zimra.

Vendor Number Application $300
  • Harare North

A vendor number is a reference given by government allowing your organization to supply goods and services to the government of the republic of Zimbabwe.........Trinity Tax Account...

Tax Clearance Application 2019,Zimra , BP Number Registration(Business Partner)
  • Harare North

2019 Tax Clearances Renewal Process Has Begun, Contact Us For Assistance !! We assist in Bp number registrations, Income tax , Paye & Vat Registrations............A Bp Number this...

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Company Registration, 2019 Tax Clearance Renewal
  • Harare North

We are offering Company Registration at an affordable price of $300 this covers the following: Bank Tax Clearance Certificate of Incorporation Form CR6 Form CR14 Memorandum...