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Red Common Bricks
USD 150
  • Harare CBD

Red common bricks delivered countrywide. Swipe/bank transfer/ecocash or cash accepted.

Common Hard Pressed Bricks
USD 115
  • Harare West

Common Hard Pressed Bricks: We have good quality hard pressed common bricks to help you build …

Road Gravel
USD 10
  • Harare East

Gravel for sale inclusive of delivery. Price is in USD

Common bricks per thousand
USD 110
  • Harare West

Common bricks $110 per thousand We also offer delivery services

USD 0.24
  • Ruwa

Pavers $240 per 1000 Transportation negotiable

Blue Rustic bricks per 1000
USD 470
  • Harare West

For the best Blue Rustic bricks contact us Express Bricks and Quarry. Transport is available.

PC 15 lafage cement
  • Harare High Density

PC 15 lafage cement

Paving Slab 460mm x 460mm
  • Harare South

A perfect paving slab to fit any application. Price is negotiable Been in the business for …

Pillar Cap 600mm x 600mm
  • Harare South

A perfect design to finish off your wall and pillars Been in the business for 60 years has …

Garden Shade Precast Plain Roof
USD 27
per metre
  • Harare South

Garden Shade Precast Plain Roof

Pitsand / 20cubic
USD 55
  • Harare High Density

Pitsand $55/ 20cubic

farm / Semi common bricks
USD 65
  • Harare West

farm / Semi common bricks delivered

Durawall: plain precast wall
USD 85
  • New

PMB Walling - Plain Precast Wall Available in various heights from 1,8m, 2.1m, 2,4m up to 3.0…

3/4 Stones
USD 30
  • Harare North

3/4 stones for sale Mainly for Concrete & Driveways (machine crushed quarry stone) $30 pe…

River Sand
USD 11
  • Harare West

River Sand $11 cubic Including Transport

600mm x 600mm porcelain tiles
USD 9.90
  • Harare CBD

coverage 1.44sqm per box including installation