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Common Bricks
USD 95
  • Harare CBD

Price per 1000 bricks common bricks transport available calculated by distance

White pit sand
USD 12
  • Harare CBD

White pit sand, river sand, and stones available. Immediate delivery.

USD 100
  • Harare CBD

To be placed on school student and teacher desks, office receptions, workstations, open plan offices to aid social distancing and stop the spread of the virus

USD 50
  • Harare CBD

Give your house that modern elegant look by getting a full quote of our quality aluminium window frames

LED Flood light CE-FB-10W/20W/30W /50W /100W/150W/200W
  • Harare CBD

CE-FB-10W:9USD CE-FB-20W:12USD CE-FB-30W:14USD; CE-FB-50W:17USD; CE-FB-100W:33USD; CE-FB-150W:59USD; CE-FB-200W:76USD; *IP65 waterproof outdoor SMD LED flood light *High...

LED tube lights(2ft/4ft/5ft)
USD 2.50
  • Harare CBD

LED tube light T8-9W(2ft):2.50USD T8-18w(4ft):2.80USD T8- 24w(5ft):4.50USD T8-48W:8USD T5-20W:5USD T7-20W:5.5USD

Red Rustics per thousand
USD 350
  • Harare CBD

Red rustics @ US$350 per thousand

Huawei lithium battery 48v 100Ah
USD 680
  • Harare CBD

Hauwei lithium battery 48v 100Ah for sale US$700 Leoch knob lithium ion batteries 48v/100ah $780 Come with 2 years warranty We also do free delivery in Harare ,outside Harare w...

PVC Gutters including installations
USD 14.50
  • Harare CBD

Gutters US$14,50. Ecocash & Transfer also accepted at prevailing rates.Get in touch for a free qoute in Harare

Single sliding door with double side lights 3000×2100
USD 460
  • Harare CBD

Single sliding door with double side lights 3000×2100 $460 USD

12V-200Ah Lithium ion battery (3 years warranty,10 years life span)
USD 550
  • Harare CBD

*Standard capacity:200Ah *Rated voltage:12.8V *Maximum input current:40A *Maximum output current:80A *Charging voltage 14.4V~14.6V *Cut-off:2.5V single cell *Warranty :3 Year...

Borehole Drilling
USD 1,350
  • Harare CBD

We offer borehole drilling services. Contact us for very affordable services

Diamond 22.5 cement
USD 6.50
  • Harare CBD

Diamond 22.5 cement

Blue Heart facebricks
USD 230
  • Harare CBD

Blue Heart facebricks per thousand delivery available