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DC Solar Pump (80m Head)
USD 400
  • Harare West

Versatile DC Solar water pumps from 80m head, 210watts $400 100m head, 270watts $400 140m head, 750watts $650 Dependable flow rates from 1800 Liters/hour. PRICE IS ON U...

4427 Swimming Pool Pump 1HP
USD 126

Head Max: 11m Volume Max: 275litres/min USD price

Water Tanks / Quality Water Tanks
USD 180
  • Harare West

Water Tanks -Coloured Outer Layer -Algae-resistant Inner layer -Sun-blocking anti-bacterial 3rd layer Product Use Water storage Colour Green CAPACITY 1000L-$180 2000L-...

2480 Water Pump Controller 0.55KW
USD 53.28

2480 Water Pump Controller 0.55KW USD price

Borehole Drilling in Bulawayo
USD 1,300
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Borehole Drilling For First 40metres is NOW USD $1300 and beyond 40metres is USD $40 per metre We also have installations as well which is dependent to how deep is the hole. We a...

Bush Pump Installation
USD 2,000
  • Harare CBD

We do installation of bush pumps. Call us for inquiries

4276 Surface Booster Pump 2HP
USD 138

Head Max: 22.5m Vol Max: 500litres/min USD price

Solar geyser Installations inclusive of materials for a standard site
USD 150
  • Harare CBD

Solar geyser Installations inclusive of materials for a standard site

Drilling and Casing
USD 1,300
  • Harare CBD

We do drilling and casing with 140mm and 180mm depending on the structure and customer demands

5 000L Tank $200
USD 200
  • Harare North

5000L Tank Double layered Used & slightly repaired. Megatank No leaks 12 months guarantee on the repaired area

Water Tank & Stand Installation
USD 1,100
  • Harare North

We install gravity feed system. Our standard household package is made up of a 5 000 L tank of choice, 4M robust water tank stand made of new steel and full connection with the hom...

USD 200
  • Harare East

Available MN 5 series, MN2 series, MN 1 series and MN3 series Comes complete with pump, oil filled motor & standard control box MN 1 Series- 0.37kw/0.5hp $200 MN 2 Series...

5000litre Water Tank
USD 500
  • Harare CBD

5000litre Water Tank $500

4270 Borehole Pump 1HP
USD 141

Shimge quality and best price Head 64m with volume of 40litres/minute Head 36m with volume of 80litres/minute USD price

Borehole Maintenance Service
USD 200
  • Harare East

For all borehole professional services which includes fishing out pumps, reliable servicing and maintenance support and borehole consultancy services. Please contact us today for p...

KDP 20TH: 10HP High Pressure Pump
USD 750
  • Harare East

KDP 20TH: 10HP High Pressure Pump Contact us at Bluetek Generators Zimbabwe's foremost provider of power backup and water pumping solutions