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DC Solar Pumps (Pump and Controller)
USD 350  |
ZWL 6,405
  • Harare West

Versatile DC Solar water pumps from 80m head, 210watts $350 100m head, 270watts $350 140m head, 750watts $650 Dependable flow rates from 1800 Liters/hour. PRICE IS ON U...

Monarch Solar Geysers (150 LT)
USD 8,933  |
ZWL 8,933
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Monarch Solar Geysers Available in 150 & 200 LT All weather geysers Electrical backup option 5 year guarantee Prices differ according to size Delivery Available for Big Order...

Water pumps for hire
USD 30  |
ZWL 720 per day
  • Harare North

50mm (2'') Flexible Submersible. 20mm Electric Submersible. 75mm (3'') Sludge Diaphragm - Petrol pumps are workable up to 10 m. 10m intake and 10m output hoses on the...

5,000 Litre Water Tank
USD 385  |
ZWL 9,240 incl. VAT

Sold with a 12 year warranty. Manufactured locally. Algae and sunlight resistant. Extremely durable and strong.

The imc 10hp portable water pump
USD 1,200  |
ZWL 32,400 incl. VAT
  • Harare East

IMC Honda Water Pumps are proven and dependable systems. You can trust IMC Honda to keep water flowing in your taps. Good for gardening and small scale farming Contact us at Bl...

2.6m Water Tank Stand ( 5000L Capacity) 10 YEAR WARRANTY
USD 340  |
ZWL 7,820
  • Harare South

Quoted price is USD. For RTGS/Ecocash/Swipe please get in touch with TSG The price quoted includes the steel stand only. If you'd also like - installation of the stand -...

Quality guarateed Water Tanks
USD 450  |
ZWL 8,235 negotiable
  • Harare West

BRAND NEW !!! Durable 1000 , 2000, 2500, 5000 & 10000 litre Water Tanks with UV stabilised polyethylene with a total block out of sunlight meaning no algae growth and good poly st...

Borehole Drilling
USD 1,200  |
ZWL 21,960

The heavy rains are finally over. Lets get that borehole you wanted drilled.

4270 Borehole Pump 1HP
USD 134  |
ZWL 3,752

Shimge quality and best price Head 64m with volume of 40litres/minute Head 36m with volume of 80litres/minute USD price

Supply and installation solar geysers
USD 350  |
ZWL 6,405 negotiable
  • Chitungwiza

We supply and install solar geysers from 100L to 300L depending on your specifications and budget

12hp Diesel Water Pump
USD 1,697  |
ZWL 45,819 incl. VAT
  • Harare East

More Power WPS 5 WATERPUMP Diesel Water Pump Pull Start 12hp to 28hp Water cooled high volume High Pressure Contact us at Bluetek Generators Zimbabwe's foremost provider of...

Solar Backup and Geyser Installation
USD 120  |
ZWL 2,196
  • Harare CBD

New installation and repairs of water pumps,well pumps,booster pumps,pressure tanks,automatic control switch,reserve tanks,plumbing and electrical connections

Gutter flashings
USD 5  |
ZWL 92
  • Harare CBD

Gutter flashings

2,000 Litre Water Tank
USD 190  |
ZWL 4,560 incl. VAT

Sold with a 12 year warranty. Manufactured locally. Algae and sunlight resistant. Extremely durable and strong.

Booster pump fitting and plumbing
USD 300  |
ZWL 7,200
  • Harare South

Booster pump fitting and plumbing

5000 ltrs Water Tank
USD 435  |
ZWL 10,440
  • Harare South

5000 ltrs Water Tank

Wash Tub Single
USD 50  |
ZWL 915 negotiable
  • New
  • Harare South

Price is negotiable for the single wash tub for your laundry, kitchen or any other application Been in the business for 60 years has stood the test of time.

5000l Tank Plumbing
USD 140  |
ZWL 3,360
  • Harare South

5000l Tank Plumbing

Water and sewer connections
USD 2  |
ZWL 50 negotiable
  • Harare CBD

All pvc ,copper, brass,galvanized, ceramic connections for as little as 1us $ or equivalent

2000 ltrs Water Tank
USD 255  |
ZWL 6,120
  • Harare South

2000 ltrs Water Tank