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Geophysical survey (siting)
USD 100
  • Ruwa

Geophysical survey (siting) $100 Ausley Borehole Engineering is dedicated to become a leading service provider in water finding industry ..Using the latest state of the art techn...

Borehole Drilling
USD 1,200
  • Ruwa

Borehole drilling and Casing standard of 40metres...Price $1200..Deepening extra metres are charged $40 per metre.

Borehole flushing
USD 300
  • Ruwa

Borehole flushing start with this picture $300.

Bush pump installation
USD 2,000
  • Ruwa

Bush pump installation, supply and fix $2000

Borehole Deepening
USD 40
per metre
  • Ruwa

Deepening extra metres are charged $40 per metre

Borehole Installation
USD 1,100
  • Ruwa

Borehole Installation $1100 fix and suppy.

Borehole Solar Installation
USD 1,800
  • Ruwa

Borehole Solar Installation $1800 supply and fix