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Borehole drilling 40m and installation
  • Harare East

ELECTRICAL BOREHOLE Step 1. Siting $100 2. Drilling & casing $1500 3. Pump installation with Control box, Pressure tank, Pipping, Fittings, Manhole cover f...

Borehole drilling and rehabilitation
  • Harare North

Our boreholes are built to last. With our trailer mounted rigs and 4 x 4 tractor we can drill inaccessible sites. We have the capacity to drill soft and collapsing holes and ste...

Borehole Siting/Water Survey
  • Harare East

We do a geo survey for the borehole which tells us on what depth we shall get water & the quantity also with the gps coordinates. Do it Today with us call

Borehole drilling machine
  • Harare West

We drill boreholes at any residential or commercial area. Please call us for a professional job.

Tank Stands Boreholes Water Pumps Irrigation Drip Garden Field Water Filters
  • Harare South

We have been providing reliable, quality, water solutions & services since the early 1990's For all inquiries, sales, installations, servicing, maintenance or repairs required f...

Borehole Capacity Test
  • Harare East

Know your amount of water yield you can get within a Hour/Day. Only $250

Borehole Compression Flush & Blow Outs
  • Harare South

Borehole Compression Flush & Blow Outs, A high compression air is pumped down the hole blowing out, clearing & removing all Silt, Sand, Mud, Stones, Roots & Vegetation, Broken Pi...

Borehole Drilling & Casing 40m
  • Harare East

Borehole Drilling &Casing 40m within Harare $1500 After 40m $50/m

Borehole Repairs,Fault Finding , Servicing and Maintenance
  • Harare East

we have a team we send on the ground to assess the fault then we repair within 24hours

Borehole Pump and Tank Installation Combo
  • Harare East

5000 litre Tank $450 3.5m Stand $450 Concretes for stand , tank pipes, tank fittings $300 Submersible pump, Pressure Tank , Poly pipe, Electric Cable, Pressure gauge , pressure...

Borehole drilling harare

Borehole drilling including casing (class 9, 140mm PVC) top to bottom, $1800 for the first 40m, then $55 per metre there after

  • Harare South

Borehole Surveying, Borehole Drilling, Compression Flush & Blow Outs, Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing, complete Pump System Installations (Electric & Solar)....

Geological Siting Services
  • Mutare

Geological Siting - Mutare Drilling Boreholes Siting is very important when it comes to borehole drilling. Choosing the right Siting partner means everything in this industry....

Borehole Drilling And Casing
  • Harare West

Borehole Drilling And Casing $1500 usd

Borehole Repair Services
  • Harare South

Borehole Repairs We do borehole repairs on boreholes with damaged pipes or faulty installations. We also do borehole assessment, capacity testing, flushing and borehole deepe...

Borehole Siting
  • Harare West

For all your borehole siting services, kindly contact us.