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Vine Drilling and Pump Installations
USD 1,300
  • Harare East

We are experts in borehole siting, borehole drilling and durable casing, solar pump installations, Electric pump installations, water tank installations. We also cater for repairs,...

Borehole drilling and installation
  • Harare East

Harare Borehole Drilling & Installation Prices . We Also Do Provide Our Service Nationwide STAGE 1- Borehole siting(Water Finding) --$100 STAGE 2- 40m Borehole drilling $1...

Borehole siting Water Finding)
USD 100
  • Harare East

We do a geo survey for the borehole which tells us on what depth we shall get water & the quantity also with the gps coordinates. Do it Today with us call

Brick Reservoir Tank Construction
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Brick Reservoir Tank Construction key for the rural areas

Borehole Drilling and Casing
USD 1,300
  • Harare East

Depth 40m in Harare with an extra $55/m after 40m Top to bottom casing with 140mm class 9 PVC pipe

Borehole Repairs,Fault Finding , Servicing and Maintenance
USD 30
  • Harare East

we have a team we send on the ground to assess the fault then we repair within 24hours

Borehole Drilling
USD 1,300
incl. VAT
  • Harare South

Borehole drilling within Harare 40 metres including casing. Drilling Beyond 40 metres $45.00 per metre

Solar Pump Installation ( Fix & Supply)
USD 2,200
  • Harare CBD

Solar pump installation fix and supply US$ 2200. Outside Harare US$2500

Borehole Deepening
USD 45
  • Harare South

We can deepen inside 180mm casing as well as 140mm casings. Deepening will enhance your chances of increasing your borehole water yield. Why wait call us now

Water Tank
USD 396
  • Harare South

Water Tanks, Water Tank Flushing & Clean Outs, Sales & Complete System Installations Booster Pump System Installations, Servicing & Repairs Tank Stands - Sales and complete syste...

Borehole Irrigation solar systems installation
  • Harare CBD

SOLAR SYSTEMS We supply and install solar equipment for domestic, commercial and agricultural needs and very competitive rates. Our service delivery is unparalleled.

Borehole 5000l Tank Installation
USD 1,000
  • Harare East

5000litre tank installation accompained by a booster pump which acts as a force of gravity. The booster pump is the one which takes water from the tanks to the hse and tapes. 5...

Irrigation installations home and farms
  • Harare West

For all your irrigation installations home and farms, contact us at Paradise Gardens

Automatic Irrigation System
  • Harare CBD

We supply and install smart water kit which automatically irrigates crops ideal for market gardening. The smart watering kit comes with a pump ,soil moisture sensors, water switc...

Borehole Pump fishing
USD 250
  • Harare East

Borehole Pump fishing and borehole rehabilitation . Get a free quote today

USD 380
  • Harare South

Borehole Surveying, Borehole Drilling, Compression Flush & Blow Outs, Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing, complete Pump System Installations (Electric & Solar)....

Borehole Drilling with Complete Pump System Installation Services
  • Harare South

Borehole Drilling and Complete Pump System Installations (Standard Electric & Solar) We offer drilling services throughout Zimbabwe and the surrounding region, with work done for...

Irrigation Engineering
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

 Design and installation of turnkey irrigation projects of all types: trickle, sprinkler, and flood as well as modern mobile irrigation systems.  Assessment of and rehabilitati...