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Borehole drilling and installation
  • Harare East

Harare Borehole Drilling & Installation Prices . We Also Do Provide Our Service Nationwide STAGE 1- Borehole siting(Water Finding) --$100 STAGE 2- 40m Borehole drilling $2...

Borehole drilling 40m and installation
  • Harare East

ELECTRICAL BOREHOLE Step 1. Siting $100 2. Drilling & casing $1600 3. Pump installation with Control box, Pressure tank, Pipping, Fittings, Manhole cover f...

Borehole siting Water Finding)
  • Harare East

We do a geo survey for the borehole which tells us on what depth we shall get water & the quantity also with the gps coordinates. Do it Today with us call

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Bulawayo Borehole Drilling & Installation 40m
  • Harare East

BOREHOLE , Drilling & Casing, *Drilling & casing 40m $1850 Contact us @:+ (whatsapp) ,+ Like our #Facebook Page: Skylake Borehole Dril...

  • Harare South

Is your Water Treated?? Does your Water contain Lime, Sediment, Rust or Silt?/ Does you Water have a Smell or Taste?? Are your Baths, Showers, Kettles & Washing Machines being left...

Borehole drilling in Harare
  • Harare North

Borehole Drilling, 40 Metres and Casing in HARARE. TERMS ACCEPTED

Borehole Flushing
  • Harare CBD

Contact us for all your borehole services requirements

Borehole Water Siting & Survey
  • Harare East

We do geo survey which gives the following GPS Coordinates , expected yield, approximate depth. Our siting is 99% accurate Visit our facebook page and see our current jobs

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Borehole drilling
  • Harare East

Borehole drilling and casing 40mtrs (Private) Limited is headed by a Managing Director, with a family background in drilling and who has over 15 years experience in running his ow...

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Solar system, pump. Panels. Stand. Controller. Fittings. Pipping
  • Harare East

Solar system, pump. Panels. Stand. Controller. Fittings. Pipping $2800 Contact us @:+ (whatsapp) ,+ Like our #Facebook Page: Skylake Borehole D...

Borehole Capacity Test
  • Harare East

Know your amount of water yield you can get within a Hour/Day. Only $250

  • Harare East

Havothjair borehole drilling pvt ltd are experts in borehole siting, drilling, installations, borehole flushing, capacity tests, repairing tank leaks, faulty findings in boreholes.

drilling well points and boreholes, installations sitting and surveying
  • Harare East

HAVOTHJAIR BOREHOLE DRILLING we initially specialising in the installation and maintenance of borehole pumps. Once established, it soon became obvious that the company could offer...

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Borehole drilling 40 metres
  • Harare East

Harare Drilling 40 metres including class 9 casing.

Core / diamond drilling
  • Harare CBD

This is used for exploration drilling. This method produces a solid cylindrical core of solid rock that is extracted for examination. Drilling sizes BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, AQ, NQ2 and N...

Borehole Installations
  • Harare East

We do specialise in drilling and different types of installations such as Solar powered, Electric or even Bush pump. Visit our Facebook page and see live progress and reference...

Solar Pump Installation and supply
  • Harare East

Solar Panels, Solar Stand, Weather Proof Box, Pump Installation & Control Box , Garden Tap , Pressure Tank, Piping, Lockable Manhole Cover

Water Filter Systems
  • Harare South

Pumps, Water Tanks, Water Pressure Systems, Water Filter Systems, Borehole Pump Systems A&G Pumps has been providing reliable water solutions since early 1990. A&G P...