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Lakeshore borehole drilling
USD 1,300  |
ZWL 58,500 incl. VAT
  • Harare East

We specialize in borehole siting, drilling, electric pump installations, solar pump installations as well as tank installations. We have got a wide range of original solar and ele...

Borehole Drilling Services
USD 1,700  |
ZWL 93,500
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Looking for Borehole Drilling Services? Bravo Boreholes is the place to look. 40m for $1700 usd only, including 18m casing

Borehole bush pump installation and rehabilitation.
  • Harare North

Complete borehole bush pump installation with apron, drainage line and soak away.

Borehole Services Full Package Promotion (Siting,Drilling & Solar Installation)
USD 2,500  |
ZWL 75,000
  • Harare CBD

□ TULSHA PROMOTION Kutsvaga mvura (sitting) Kuchera chibhorani kwemamita anokwana makumi mana Drilling 40m) Kuisa Solar (Solar Installation) ● $2500 Chete Chete Kufona...

SITING ( Water Surveying)
USD 100  |
ZWL 2,500
  • Harare CBD

SITING ( Water Surveying) Borehole Site Survey Quote Before drilling a borehole you need to establish exactly where to drill. This is done by using equipment to select the propos...

Borehole Flashing
USD 400  |
ZWL 9,600
  • Harare South

Get your borehole flashed properly using a drill rig. This is value for money, do not miss this chance

Borehole Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing,
  • Harare South

Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing, The main objectives for a Borehole Rehabilitation are ; 1 ) To try & reclaim the loss of any the water yield of an already e...

Solar Pump Installation ( Fix & Supply)
USD 2,200  |
ZWL 55,000
  • Harare CBD

Solar pump installation fix and supply US$ 2200. Outside Harare US$2500

Tank repairs and leaks
USD 80  |
ZWL 3,600
  • Harare East

We provide repairs for leaks and cracks on all types and sizes of pvc water tanks

Borehole Irrigation solar systems installation
  • Harare CBD

SOLAR SYSTEMS We supply and install solar equipment for domestic, commercial and agricultural needs and very competitive rates. Our service delivery is unparalleled.

Irrigation installations home and farms
  • Harare West

For all your irrigation installations home and farms, contact us at Paradise Gardens

Borehole Pump System Installations (Solar or Electric)
  • Harare South

Supply DC Solar Borehole Pumping Systems complete with all accessories ; Solar DC Pumps & Motors, Solar Panels, Control Boxes, Level Sensor Probes, Cabling & Jointing Kits Althoug...

Borehole drilling - Solar Pump Installations
  • Harare North

We do BOREHOLE drilling & casing, Borehole Deepening and borehole flushing as well as solar and standard submersible pump installations, water tank and stand installations be...

Rural Development
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

 Small scale communal irrigation scheme development using low cost technologies  Construction of rural cottage industry centres and multipurpose workshops and work sheds  Rur...

Borehole Surveying & Siting
  • Harare South

We provide a comprehensive Siting Survey of the entire property, identifying any & all sites on the property suitable for the successful drilling of a Borehole that would yield pot...

Water Tank Stand Installations
USD 500  |
ZWL 12,500
  • Harare CBD

Water Tank Stand Installations

Borehole Construction
USD 1,302  |
ZWL 32,550
  • Harare CBD

Our rigs can drill to a depth of 450m and we case with either 180mm casing to the hard rock or with 140mm entirely, depending on the formation of the ground The borehole casing eff...

5m and 4m Water and Tank Stand Installation services
USD 420  |
ZWL 17,640
  • Harare CBD

tank installation with 5000 litres IDS water tank. We do variety tank stand installations starting from 1 metre even up to 8metres .Please call us for more details. Installation...