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Borehole Drilling Services
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Looking for Borehole Drilling Services? Bravo Boreholes is the place to look. 40m for $1700 usd only, including 18m casing Hurry for your Easter Special.

Borehole drilling 40m and installation
  • Harare East

ELECTRICAL BOREHOLE Step 1. Siting $100 2. Drilling & casing $1500 3. Pump installation with Control box, Pressure tank, Pipping, Fittings, Manhole cover f...

Borehole drilling and rehabilitation
  • Harare North

Our boreholes are built to last. With our trailer mounted rigs and 4 x 4 tractor we can drill inaccessible sites. We have the capacity to drill soft and collapsing holes and ste...

Borehole siting Water Finding)
  • Harare East

We do a geo survey for the borehole which tells us on what depth we shall get water & the quantity also with the gps coordinates. Do it Today with us call

Borehole Installations
  • Harare East

We do specialise in drilling and different types of installations such as Solar powered, Electric or even Bush pump. Visit our Facebook page and see live progress and reference...

Pump Installation Services
  • Harare South

Pump Installations : We Install the right pump at the right price. We travel anywhere within the boundaries of Zimbabwe. Call us or email for our rate to supply and install...

Solar Borehole Installations
  • Harare East

Solar borehole installations for abundant irrigation of crops and providing water for the livestock. Commercial and Residential Installations, specific execution to suit any unique...

Borehole Drilling with Complete Pump System Installation Services
  • Harare South

Borehole Drilling and Complete Pump System Installations (Standard Electric & Solar) We offer drilling services throughout Zimbabwe and the surrounding region, with work done for...

Borehole bush pump installation
  • Harare North

Borehole bush pump installation with apron, drainage line and soak away.

  • Harare South

Borehole Surveying, Borehole Drilling, Compression Flush & Blow Outs, Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing, complete Pump System Installations (Electric & Solar)....

Borehole Pump & Tank Installation
  • Harare East

Our installation is in 2 ways either SOLAR POWERED OR ELECTRIC POWERED this includes Pump, pipes, garden tape, pressure tank, control box, solar stand, metre box, pressure gauge &...

Borehole Submersible pump installations
  • Harare East

Borehole submersible for sale..............

Borehole Pump System Installations (Solar or Electric)
  • Harare South

Supply DC Solar Borehole Pumping Systems complete with all accessories ; Solar DC Pumps & Motors, Solar Panels, Control Boxes, Level Sensor Probes, Cabling & Jointing Kits Althoug...

Borehole drilling (out of harare)

Borehole drilling including casing(140mm CLASS 9 PVC) top to bottom, $2400 for first 40m, then $55 per metre thereafter plus transport at $2 per km one way

Borehole Drilling & Casing 40m
  • Harare East

Borehole Drilling &Casing 40m within Harare $1500 After 40m $50/m

Borehole drilling
  • Harare CBD

Drilling is done in Harare and throughout Zimbabwe. We have the versatility of having both truck driven and tractor driven rigs for accessibility into most areas, with the ability...

Borehole Flushing (clean out)
  • Harare East

Borehole Flushing (cleanout) of silt & sands of the blocked borehole

Borehole Siting/Water Survey
  • Harare East

We do a geo survey for the borehole which tells us on what depth we shall get water & the quantity also with the gps coordinates. Do it Today with us call

drilling well points and boreholes, installations sitting and surveying
  • Harare East

HAVOTHJAIR BOREHOLE DRILLING we initially specialising in the installation and maintenance of borehole pumps. Once established, it soon became obvious that the company could offer...