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Borehole bush pump installation and rehabilitation.
  • Harare North

Complete borehole bush pump installation with apron, drainage line and soak away.

Lakeshore borehole drilling
USD 1,300  |
ZWL 58,500 incl. VAT
  • Harare East

We specialize in borehole siting, drilling, electric pump installations, solar pump installations as well as tank installations. We have got a wide range of original solar and ele...

Siting / Underground Water Survey
USD 100  |
ZWL 2,400
  • Harare South

Our survey machine can determine drilling depth as well as areas with water bearing rocks. Don't take chances. Try us for guaranteed water on your property.

Borehole drilling in Harare
USD 1,200  |
ZWL 30,000
  • Harare North

Borehole Drilling, 40 Metres and Casing in HARARE.

Borehole Drilling & Pump Installation - 'COMBO SPECIAL'
USD 2,000  |
ZWL 50,000 negotiable
  • Harare South

On offer is a COMBO for Borehole (drilling) Construction - Casing & The Complete installation of a Submersible Pump. NO HIDDEN COSTS For drilling we use a state of the art d...

Borehole Pump System Installations (Solar or Electric)
  • Harare South

Supply DC Solar Borehole Pumping Systems complete with all accessories ; Solar DC Pumps & Motors, Solar Panels, Control Boxes, Level Sensor Probes, Cabling & Jointing Kits Althoug...

Borehole Deepening
USD 45  |
ZWL 1,080
  • Harare South

We can deepen inside 180mm casing as well as 140mm casings. Deepening will enhance your chances of increasing your borehole water yield. Why wait call us now

Topographical survey
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

Topographical Site Survey done by professionals

Borehole & Drilling Installation Package
  • Harare East

Depth 40m in Harare Top to bottom casing with class 9 PVC pipe Pump set 0.5HP-1HP 30gallon pressure tank Cabling- flex cable All accessories including pipe and l...

Automatic Irrigation System
  • Harare CBD

We supply and install smart water kit which automatically irrigates crops ideal for market gardening. The smart watering kit comes with a pump ,soil moisture sensors, water switc...

USD 1,300  |
ZWL 58,500 incl. VAT
  • Harare East

We offer siting, drilling, electric pump installations, solar pump installations, tank installations as well as borehole repairs country wide. Our services are guaranteed. Drill...

Bulk water 5000l
USD 40  |
ZWL 1,000
  • Harare North

Bulk water 5000l

Maintanance and repairs
  • Harare North

1.Burst pipe repair 2.Rusty pipe replacement 3.Borehole Flushing 4.Pump and Tank repairs

Borehole Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing,
  • Harare South

Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing, The main objectives for a Borehole Rehabilitation are ; 1 ) To try & reclaim the loss of any the water yield of an already e...

Borehole Flushing
USD 300  |
ZWL 13,500
  • Harare East

For all your borehole flushing and repairs, contact us on +

Borehole Drilling
USD 1,500  |
ZWL 36,000 incl. VAT
  • Harare South

Borehole drilling outside Harare 40 metres including casing. Drilling beyond 40 metres - $45 per metre Milage - $2.50 per kilometre