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Borehole Drilling
USD 1,200
incl. VAT
  • Harare South

Borehole drilling outside Harare 40 metres including 140mm #6 casing from top to bottom. Drilling beyond 40 metres - $35 per metre Milage - $2 per kilometre

Borehole drilling and rehabilitation
  • Harare North

Our boreholes are built to last. With our trailer mounted rigs, 4 x 4 lorry and 4 x 4 tractor we can drill inaccessible sites. We have the capacity to drill soft and collapsing...

Borehole cleanouts Flushing / cleanout of existing boreholes and recasing
  • Harare CBD

BOREHOLE CLEANOUTS Flushing / cleanout of existing boreholes and recasing if necessary.

Borehole Solar Powered installation
USD 2,800
  • Harare East

This one of the most efficient, easy & cheap ways to operate with a borehole in both remote & urban areas. Our package includes solar panels, solar pump, stand, solar controller...

Borehole Pump & Tank Installation
USD 1,100
  • Harare East

Harare Borehole Drilling & Installation Prices. We Also Do Provide Our Service Nationwide STAGE 1- Borehole siting(Water Finding) --$100 STAGE 2- 40m Borehole drilling $14...

Borehole Capacity testing
  • Harare CBD

We offer the services of Borehole capacity testing at reasonable prices. An often overlooked step, Capacity testing is used to determine the maximum sustainable drawdown on the bor...

Geophysical survey (siting)
USD 100
  • Ruwa

Geophysical survey (siting) $100 Ausley Borehole Engineering is dedicated to become a leading service provider in water finding industry ..Using the latest state of the art techn...

Borehole Capacity Testing
USD 250
  • Harare East

Comprehensive borehole capacity testing and inspection.

Borehole Pump Installations
  • Harare CBD

Boreholes can be equipped with either submersible pumps (electric or solar) or with bush pumps type B (manual). The size of the pump to be installed will depend on : The clients’...

Borehole Drilling, Casing and Installation
USD 1,400
incl. VAT
  • Harare East

Harare Borehole Drilling & Installation Prices . We Also Do Provide Our Service Nationwide STAGE 1- Borehole siting(Water Finding) --$100 STAGE 2- 40m Borehole drilling $1...

Solar powered borehole fix n supply
  • Harare East


Drip line Kits
  • Harare West

DRIP LINE KITS ALL SIZES Drip rolls(0.2mm thick,16mm diameter,30cm spacing), 1500m rolls @140usd/ 1000m rolls @100usd FILTERS 1 inch @ 23usd 2 inch @ 68usd 3 inch @ 110usd

Borehole Siting/Water Survey
USD 100
  • Harare East

We do a geo survey for the borehole which tells us at what depth we shall get water & the quantity also with the GPS coordinates. Do it today with us, call/WhatsApp 764 310

Out of Harare Water Surveying
USD 150
  • Harare West

Out of Harare Water Surveying 50 km radius and below water surveying $150 50-100km radius water surveying $$200.00 100-200 km radius water surveying $250.00

Borehole Compression Flush & Blow Outs
  • Harare South

Borehole Compression Flush & Blow Outs, A high compression air is pumped down the hole blowing out, clearing & removing all Silt, Sand, Mud, Stones, Roots & Vegetation, Broken Pi...

Electrical/ Generator Pump Installation (Fix & Supply)
USD 1,000
  • Harare CBD

Electrical/ Generator Pump Installation( fix & supply) for US$ 1000 Outside Harare 1200 us

Borehole Drilling and Casing 40meters
USD 1,250
  • Harare West

We drill boreholes at any residential or commercial area. Installation comes with the job. Extra meters is $40 per meter.Please contact us for a quick professional job

Borehole installations home and farms.
  • Harare West

For all your borehole installations home and farms contact us at Paradise Gardens