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Lakeshore borehole drilling
USD 1,050
incl. VAT
  • Harare East

We specialize in borehole siting, drilling, electric pump installations, solar pump installatio…

0.25mm Galvanized sheets (3.6m)
USD 12
  • Harare North

Galvanised and Corragated sheets Available Suitable for Roofing : *chicken runs *Round Kit…

Borehole services

Boreholes Submersible pumps Booster pumps Plastic reservoir tanks Irrigation solutions Pre…

Borehole Drilling
USD 999
  • Ruwa

Borehole drilling and Casing standard of 40metres...Price $999..Deepening extra metres are char…

Borehole Drilling Harare
USD 1,000
  • Harare North

Borehole Drilling Inclusive of mileage

Angle Iron
  • Harare North

25 x 25m $6.00 30x30m $7.50 all sizes available

Borehole Surveying & Siting
  • Harare South

We provide a comprehensive Siting Survey of the entire property, identifying any & all sites on…

Borehole installation
  • Harare South

We do borehole installations at residential or commercial areas. Job is done in 24-48 hours. Pl…

Borehole Drilling with Complete Pump System Installation Services
  • Harare South

Borehole Drilling and Complete Pump System Installations (Standard Electric & Solar) We offer …

Out of Harare Water Surveying
USD 150
  • Harare West

Out of Harare Water Surveying 50 km radius and below water surveying $150 50-100km radius …

Water tank supply and fitting
  • Harare North

Water storage tank on a tank stand or using a booster complete installation

borehole flush out
USD 150
  • Harare East

borehole flush out. Local usd 150.

Borehole pump installation
USD 1,100
  • Harare East

Installation electricity powered. Fix and supply 1100usd

Boreholes - Solar
  • Harare North

We specialise in Borehole Drilling, electric and Solar Pump Systems Most affordable solutions…

Reverse circulation and rab drilling
  • Harare CBD

Reverse Circulation Drilling is the drilling of sample holes to determine the sufficient presen…

Tank installations
USD 650
  • Harare West

Tank installations from $650

Water Filters
USD 124
  • Harare South

We supply & install Heavy Duty, Single, Dual or Triple Stage Water Filter Systems, treating you…