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Steel Wall Unit Paper Towel Dispensers
USD 30
  • Harare North

This steel wall unit is made locally, and holds our Multiwipe Wall rolls. It is mounted onto the wall, is very durable and can be locked

shower Cubicles
USD 300
  • Harare CBD

aluminum framed or frameless shower cubicles

bath tub
USD 120
  • Harare CBD

white bath tub classic design

Shower Room C3A
USD 325.75
  • Harare CBD

The shower room gives a classy touch to your bathroom.

Shower Room OLB C6
USD 272.16
  • Harare CBD

It gives a classic look & feel to your bath room.

Amazing Fitting, Decoration

If you want to fit your house Call us We also supply all kinds of decoration materials.

Soap Dispensers
  • Harare North

This is an imported product, and is made from a durable plastic. It holds 1litre of liquid hand soap or alcogel, which we supply.

Folded towel dispenser
  • Harare North

This is an imported dispenser, made from durable plastic, and holds the folded towels that we supply in a box of 2000 wipes.

Barrel Towel holder Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Harare North

This is an imported product. It is made from durable plastic and holds our Multiwipe wall rolls.