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TCL 18000 BTU Air Conditioners
USD 610  |
ZWL 10,858
  • Harare CBD

TCL 18000 BTU Air Conditioners

Mid wall air conditioners 12000btu - 24000Btu
USD 490  |
ZWL 12,495

Midea's wall-mounted air conditioners and air conditioning systems are an excellent solution for cooling and heating in your home. They have high energy efficiency class, stylish d...

Airite air curtains
USD 315  |
ZWL 5,607 incl. VAT
  • New

Air Curtains air curtains are ideal for supermarkets, restaurants, offices etc. Air Curtains are designed to keep out the following: Summer heat Winter cold Dust Ins...

LG 18000 BTU Air conditioners
USD 1,020  |
ZWL 18,156
  • Harare CBD

LG 18000 BTU Air conditioners

LG Smart Inverter Air Conditioners - The Energy Efficient Way To Cooling
USD 820  |
ZWL 14,596 negotiable
  • Chitungwiza

Save great on your electricity bills while enjoying amazing cooling always with all new LG Inverter Air conditioners. The LG Inverter Split ensures that you enjoy convenient and fa...

LG 18000btus Air Conditioner Invertor Midwall Split Unit
USD 1,197  |
ZWL 25,137
  • Harare West

Key Features up to 53% Energy Saving up to 60% Faster Cooling 10 year Warranty on Compressor 65°C operation Tropical Dual Inverter Compressor™ Low Noise

Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repairs
USD 40  |
ZWL 1,020

Keep your air-conditioner (AC) maintained and you’ll not only save money on energy, but you’ll also extend its lifespan, saving money on costly early us today...

Defy 4in1 Air Cooler
USD 230  |
ZWL 4,094
  • Harare CBD

Defy 4 in 1 Air Cooler Humidifier Fan Lonizer

Supply and installation of air conditioners
USD 520  |
ZWL 9,256 negotiable
  • Chitungwiza

We are experts in the supply, installations, maintenance, service and repairs of all types of Air Conditioners in all sectors of the industry .Our technicians are equipped with sta...

Lg inverter air conditioner
USD 669  |
ZWL 11,908 negotiable
  • New

LG inverter Air Conditioner Strong And Large Coverage Area Silent Operation With The Static Pressure Control Easy To Maintain New Communication Protocol (IN STORE)

Capri 12000 BTU Air conditioners
USD 490  |
ZWL 8,722
  • Harare CBD

Capri 12000 BTU Air conditioners

TCL 24000 BTU Air Conditioners
USD 850  |
ZWL 15,130
  • Harare CBD

TCL 24000 BTU Air Conditioners, TCL 18 000 BTU Air Conditioner, $610, TCL 12 000 BTU Air Conditioner $510.

R22 Refrigerant gas
USD 130  |
ZWL 2,314 negotiable

R22 refrigerant gas is mostly used in air conditioning. It is non-toxic and non-flammable that makes the refrigerant highly safe for the domestic and in industrial purposes.

Natural 900mm Air curtains
USD 100  |
ZWL 1,780
  • Harare CBD

Natural 900mm Air curtains

Samsung slim 1way cassette air conditioner
USD 670  |
ZWL 11,926
  • New

SAMSUNG Slim 1 Way Cassette Air conditioner • Slim and Compact Design • Quiet operation • No Overflowing Drain Water • New Communication Protocol

USD 84  |
ZWL 1,495 negotiable
  • New

Supply and installation of whirlybirds

LG Mid Wall Air Conditioner
USD 990  |
ZWL 25,245

Maintain the perfect temperature anytime, anywhere. With our extensive range of air conditioning units, including room air conditioners, single and multi-split systems, Multi VTM s...

Floor standing tower unit air conditioners
USD 991  |
ZWL 17,640
  • New

Floor Standing Tower Unit Air Conditioners The Sirair Tower units are designed for large open plan spaces where easy installation is required. Including 3 way airflow direct...

Server Room Cooling systems
USD 530  |
ZWL 12,190
  • Harare North

Air conditioners for server room

LG 24000 BTU Air conditioner
USD 1,250  |
ZWL 22,250
  • Harare CBD

LG 24000 BTU Air conditioner