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Welcome to ZimAgro Solutions
AfroDripTec ZimAgro Solutions was established to supply and programme manage drip systems in Zimbabwe. However, due to the changing environment and the growing needs by our esteemed farmers, it became necessary to broaden the portfolio that we were providing, as a result farmers requiring effective, quality and affordable farming inputs.We now currently supply BioPesticides via integrated pests management (Gwanzura IPM spraying programs), Hybrid Seeds, fertilizers (Liquid NPK Gold Blend) and their corresponding fertilzer reduction bio rationals (Plant Catalyst).

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Zim-Agro Solutions (AfroDripTec) Drip Kits and Irrigation Supplies
USD 0  |
ZWL 2 per sq metre
  • Harare CBD

Available are : Drip Kits, Drip Tapes, End Caps, Rubber Grommets, Start Connectors, Drip Coupling, Valve Connectors, Filters and PolyPipes

Yokasan Bio Fertilzer
USD 52  |
ZWL 926 per litre
  • Harare CBD

*Yokasan Bio Fertilzer* Rich source of Potassium bio fertilzer with humus and red-worm castings 200ml = $11, 1Litre= $52

Fytomax/ Fytomax
USD 80  |
ZWL 1,424 per litre
  • Harare CBD

Neem Oil based bio pesticide 200ml= $17, 1L = $80

USD 12  |
ZWL 214
  • Harare CBD

Replenisher/Recharge Soil-drench & foliar microbial based bio pesticide 250g= $12

Plant Catalyst
USD 34  |
ZWL 605 per litre
  • Harare CBD

Plant Catalyst Natural Fertilzer uptake enhancer 200mls= $7, 1 Litre= $34

Gonye Eliminator/ Biotine
USD 64  |
ZWL 1,139 per litre
  • Harare CBD

Gonye Eliminator/Biotine Avermectin based bio pesticide 100ml = $6.5, 1L = $64

Antario Pesticide
USD 6  |
ZWL 107
  • Harare CBD

Antario pesticide Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) based bio pesticide 100g= $6

Liquid NPK Gold Blend
USD 34  |
ZWL 605 per litre
  • Harare CBD

Liquid NPK Gold Blend All in one Fertilzer which is also a Rich source of Calcium 200ml = $7, 1L = $34

Zim-Agro Solutions- Horticultural Seedlings
USD 2  |
ZWL 40
  • Harare CBD

We also offer quality horticultural seedlings to the Zimbabwean Farmer. The seedlings are competitive and are of high quality at prices adapted to the local realities within a soci...

Fizimite Pesticide
USD 80  |
ZWL 1,424
  • Harare CBD

Fizimite Insect Surfactant bio pesticide 200mls= $17, 1L = $80

Zim-Agro Solutions- Agronomic Consultancy and Services
  • Harare CBD

Zim-Agro Solutions offers free agronomic assistance to its clients. All the farmers who are on full Integrated Pest Management will receive the service for free from the best Zimba...

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