YZL Wholesalers was founded in 2004 and grew to become an unparalleled household brand selling assorted bicycles, kitchenware, umbrellas, toys, camping fixtures and a wide spectrum of hardware materials. The company has successfully advanced over the years to become a leading supplier of mining, agricultural, construction equipment and accessories; full-range water pumps; full-range generators; full-range cables; full-range electric motors; and full-range diesel engines.


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Brand New Round Mill 4t/Hour
  • New

15kw that can be powered by a 30kw generator/power source; we have referral sites where the same or similar product has been installed by our customers, recommended for those that...

Brand New Rotary Tiller
  • New

Brand New, swipe or bank transfer accepted for the same price,....

Other Brand New Luzhong 2018
  • Diesel
  • Manual

Brand New, Zero mileage, Four Wheel Drive, 55HP Diesel Engine, the most opportune time to use a brand new tractor with a proven track record, call in at 29 Coventry Road, Workingto...

Other 28HP Brand New Luzhong 2018
  • Diesel

Brand New, Zero mileage,choice of many, 28HP Diesel Engine, ideal for relatively smaller plots of around 20ha, the tractor can do around 6ha in a day, we do stock spares for these...

Brand New Hand Tractor
  • New

Brand New, Diesel Engine, Few left in stock, hurry,..........

Jaw Crusher 200x350
  • New

200x350mm entrance size 5 to 15tonnes an hour 10 to 50mm exit size Bank transfer or swipe accepted on the same quoted price

Brand New 300litre Concerete Mixer
  • New

Brand New, 300litre capacity, Powered by Electric Motor,.....swipe or bank transfer acceptable on the same quoted price

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