YZL Wholesalers was founded in 2004 and grew to become an unparalleled household brand selling assorted bicycles, kitchenware, umbrellas, toys, camping fixtures and a wide spectrum of hardware materials. The company has successfully advanced over the years to become a leading supplier of mining, agricultural, construction equipment and accessories; full-range water pumps; full-range generators; full-range cables; full-range electric motors; and full-range diesel engines.


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4398 Borehole Water Pump 2HP
  • New

Shimge Brand...best price for best quality USD price Head 79m produces a Flow of 30litres/min Head 22m produces a Flow of 90litres/min

Drilling Rig
  • New

ZEGA D535 In-built compressor USD price For those who want to do mining at top-notch levels!

Brand New 3row Planter
  • New

Suitable for planting all forms of crop that have seeds, brand new, move along with technological advancements, improve efficiency on your farm, save costs and save time......call...

4439 Submersible Mining Pump 5HP
  • New

Superior quality USD price Head:60m Flow: 12.5m3/hour

4427 Swimming Pool Pump 1HP
  • New

Head Max: 11m Volume Max: 275litres/min USD price

4274 Surface Booster Pump 0.37KW
  • New

Head Max: 33m Volume Max: 40litres/min USD price

Other WAW Tricycle Tractor 2018
  • Diesel
  • Manual

USD price can do about 2tonnes brand new...Diesel engine....ultra low maintenance costs Tipping trailer Passenger seat Ideal for serious Miners and Farmers....

Other Huahe Forklift 2018
  • Diesel

Brand New 2.5tonne USD price

  • New

Brand New USD price 220volts 3.5kw

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