YZL Wholesalers was founded in 2004 and grew to become an unparalleled household brand selling assorted bicycles, kitchenware, umbrellas, toys, camping fixtures and a wide spectrum of hardware materials. The company has successfully advanced over the years to become a leading supplier of mining, agricultural, construction equipment and accessories; full-range water pumps; full-range generators; full-range cables; full-range electric motors; and full-range diesel engines.


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4282 Water Pump 7.5HP
  • New

Shimge Brand Top end quality The best price in town Head Max: 62m Head Min: 5m Flow Max: 526litres/minute Price in USD

4270 Borehole Pump 1HP
  • New

Shimge Brand....best quality and best price Head 64m with volume of 40litres/minute Head 36m with volume of 80litres/minute USD price

4274 Surface Booster Pump 0.37KW
  • New

Head Max: 33m Volume Max: 40litres/min USD price

Drilling Rig
  • New

ZEGA D535 In-built compressor USD price For those who want to do mining at top-notch levels!

Potato Harvester
  • New

Specialised equipment for specialised farmers Price in USD cash

4343 Water Pump 30HP
  • New

Head Max: 39m Volume Max: 6033litres/minute Price in USD cash

Other WAW Tricycle Tractor 2018
  • Diesel
  • Manual

Brand New, 2018 model, 1.5tonne loading capacity, diesel engine, very low maintenance costs, tipping trailer,...USD price

Other WAW Tricycle Tractor 2018
  • Diesel
  • Manual

USD price can do about 2tonnes brand new...Diesel engine....ultra low maintenance costs Tipping trailer Passenger seat Ideal for serious Miners and Farmers....

Other Huahe Forklift 2018
  • Diesel

Brand New 2.5tonne USD price

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