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Welcome to Tulsha Borehole Drilling


Borehole Services Full Package Promotion (Siting,Drilling & Solar Installation)
USD 2,500  |
ZWL 75,000
  • Harare CBD

□ TULSHA PROMOTION Kutsvaga mvura (sitting) Kuchera chibhorani kwemamita anokwana makumi mana Drilling 40m) Kuisa Solar (Solar Installation) ● $2500 Chete Chete Kufona...

Zesa Pump installation
USD 800  |
ZWL 24,000
  • Harare CBD

For centrifugal pumps, "installation" encompasses the arrangement of the pump set on site, together with all piping connections necessary for commissioning.

Geological Survey Siting
USD 100  |
ZWL 3,000
  • Harare CBD

Contact us for geological survey sitting services at affordable prices.

Solar power Borehole installation
USD 1,300  |
ZWL 39,000
  • Harare CBD

We supply and install packaged solar power the standard borehole pump installation package includes. the submersible borehole pump. all plumbing material from your borehole to your...

Borehole Drilling & Casing (40 meters)
USD 1,200  |
ZWL 36,000
  • Harare CBD

Water is life. Contact us today for all your borehole drilling services.

5000 litre jojo tank
USD 450  |
ZWL 13,500
  • Harare CBD

High quality 'plastic' or polyethylene water tanks and chemical tanks have ... All these factors make getting and installing your water tank or chemical tank much easier.5000 litre...

Tank and stand installation
USD 1,000  |
ZWL 30,000
  • Harare CBD

Installation of the stand; mounting the stand in concrete. plumbing connection from your water source to the tank.

Tank & Tank Stand
USD 1,200  |
ZWL 36,000
  • Harare CBD

Tank and stank stand for only 1200US

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