Welcome to Top Granites Kitchens Pvt Limited where you Pay Less, Gain Quality. For all your fitted Kitchens, B.I.C, Granite tops, tombstones, cupboards, stair cases, window sills, floors and other granite solutions that are professionally done, take the walk with us and we will BRING YOUR HOME TO LIFE.


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Fitted Kitchens
  • Ruwa

At top Granite we do more than just kitchens. We know the kitchen is the heart of a happy home. Using the flat pack method of manufacture our kitchens are made from the very best m...

Granite Vanity Units
  • Ruwa

Make your bathroom your home, vanity units get perfected with a suitable granite solution. With a little help, you create your own private gate away area, to relax, escape and unwi...

Granite Staircases
  • Ruwa

Durable granite staircases available in a wide variety of colors shape and finishes.

Granite Services
  • Ruwa

For all you granite solutions contact us. We do customized granite tombstones, fire places, kitchens, bath room vanity units, counter tops, staircases and window sills. Pay less, g...

Granite Counter Tops
  • Ruwa

Office, Bar, and Restaurant shiny granite tops that add beauty and also resistant to any weather.

Granite Fireplaces
  • Ruwa

Not just fire but a aesthetic nature of it, get your fire place on different granite colors.

  • Ruwa

Get custom designed tombstones that perfectly align with how you want your clearly departed to be remembered according to your style.

Office Furniture and Cabinets
  • Ruwa

Customized exclusive office furniture, business furniture for professional people.

Fitted Wardrobes and B.I.C
  • Ruwa

Quality super wood done to your taste and size. Whether remodeling an existing wardrobe or building a new, It is easy to become overwhelmed by the nearly limitless array of cabinet...

Laboratory Cabinets and Renovations
  • Ruwa

Better granite designs which serve many purposes and let your laboratory deliver and add value to your business or school.

Granite Window Sill
  • Ruwa

We do interior and outside sills to modernise your home with Granite window sills (Black, Grey, Brown)

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