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Reverse circulation and rab drilling

Reverse Circulation Drilling is the drilling of sample holes to determine the sufficient presence or value of minerals for mining, e.g. coal, gold, iron ore, platinum and diamonds...

Blast hole drilling

Blast Hole drilling uses track driven rigs to drill blast holes, a hole which an explosive charge is to be placed, into the rock face or into benches in quarries and opencast mine...

Core / diamond drilling

This is used for exploration drilling. This method produces a solid cylindrical core of solid rock that is extracted for examination. Drilling sizes BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, AQ, NQ2 and N...

Borehole drilling

Drilling is done in Harare and throughout Zimbabwe. We have the versatility of having both truck driven and tractor driven rigs for accessibility into most areas, with the ability...

Submersible pumps

We have a dedicated pump division for all your installations, capacity testing, pumps, tanks and connections

Bush pumps

Used in areas where there is no electricity. We supply and install “B” type bush pumps. Includes top steel casing, bush pump type B (complete), concrete apron and soak-away

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