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If you thinking of improving your home and or office think no further please call Chris for a free advice and quotations.




  • Harare West

a) Bath tub replacement or re-enameling - Our advice generally is that if you have an old cast iron bath tub in good condition keep it but if your bath tub is fibre and you are red...

  • Harare CBD

If you thinking of putting new floors parquet, laminate, marble, porcelain or ceramic tiles then you need to consider a few factors for examples is area you putting a high traffic...

Z$ 495
  • Harare West

When that unexpected event happens with water please do not hesitate to call chris on for a solution

Z$ 3,300
  • Harare West

If those tiles are looking dirty, and that toilet and bath are stained there is a solution .Generally toilet build lime and dirty which domestic household cleaners will not remove...

Z$ 14,850
  • Harare West

If you have an existing kitchen with old cupboards and or drawers and you would like to update it to current standards you have 2 choices. First choice kitchen can be updated w...

Z$ 1,155
  • Harare West

The cost of replacing a bath can run into hundreds of dollars (You will need a builder, a plumber, a tiler and the actual bath tub) The Renovation King has a solution reglazin...

Z$ 149
  • Harare West

If that bathroom or kitchen is looking a bit tardy or you want to change that ceiling or driveway please contact Chris for all your home renovations solutions on +2775 249 068

Z$ 660
  • Harare West

Do not let a roof leak ruin your ceiling get it fixed. Rhinoboard ceilings generally have a life span of 20 years. Wood ceiings are forever there are only affected by moisture and...

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