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Palisade fencing, Sliding Gates, Ballustrades, Awning & Floor Tilling
  • Harare CBD

Palisades & Sliding gates, Quality Awning & Ballustrades, Precise Tilling. @Precision touch. We do what we know best..

Building Construction Services,Renovations and Property maintenance
  • Harare CBD

Where Speed and Accuracy matters we are the best among the rest,giving you the best workmanship ever. We offer Super structure Building,Plumbing & Electrical installations, Carpent...

Borehole & Irrigation installations services
  • Harare CBD

Borehole & irrigation installations ,repairs & servicing, pump installations ,water tank & Stand installations, irrigation sprinkler & drip irrigation set up plastic storage tank r...

Water Tank Installations, tank repair, cleaning & Water tank gauge installations
  • Harare CBD

Quick Reserve Water Tank Installations,Tank Repairs & Water tank gauge installations so that you can easily see the amount of water in your tank. Quality guaranteed...

Solar Installations, repairs & upgrading
  • Harare CBD

Off grid Solar system installations, repairs & upgrading, Solar geysers. Good bye to power cuts and cold bath.

Affordable Plumbing Installations, Bath face lift & Property maintenance
  • Harare CBD

Plumbing installations specialist i.e drain laying, sanitary installations ,Bath face lift and general Property maintenance.

Electrical Installations , Repairs & Property maintenance
  • Harare CBD

Electrical installations i.e tubing, wiring, connections all repairs & Property maintenance .quality workmanship guaranteed.

Roof leaks
  • Harare CBD

Roof leak diagnosis & repairing services, Damaged Ceiling repairs & replacing by experts. Fast & Reliable

Geyser installations & Repairs
  • Harare CBD

Solar & Electrical Geyser installations, servicing and repairs quick & affordable.

Refridgeration and Air Conditioning Services
  • Harare CBD

Air Conditioning , refrigeration services and installations specialists. Quick, Affordable & Reliable

Affordable Curtains
  • Harare CBD

Quality Curtains, Rods & Bedding specialists at affordable prices, we deliver countrywide.

Curtain & Rods Specialist
  • Harare CBD

For Quality affordable Curtains & Rods, bed spreads & sheeting to fit and dress all your rooms in style.We fix and Supply Nationwide...

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