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Welcome to Nyaradzo Funeral Services.
About Us
Nyaradzo Group comprises subsidiaries in the insurance, services and manufacturing industries, all of which are anchored on the driving philosophy of quality customer service. The Group's vernacular name, Nyaradzo, reaches deep into the souls of Zimbabweans. The name was chosen in response to customers’ expectations that they could have a name they identify with; a name that has a meaning in their everyday life and above all a name that they can trust.
At Nyaradzo, the customer is the reason why management and staff come to work every day and we all know that we are not doing customers a favour by serving them. Instead, it is the customer who is doing us a favour by choosing Nyaradzo from a wide menu of service providers. The commitment to serve the customer no matter what it takes has become our mantra and this commitment is imprinted on the heart and mind of every one of us. We all love our work and enjoy serving the customer, a culture so evident in all of us. This is what sets us apart from the chasing pack.
Customer service is the single most important message that service organisations must commit to, and excellent service starts by first taking time to get to know the customer's needs and expectations. The way customers are respected and treated as individuals as opposed to bunching them together is a clear example of a team on a mission to amaze the customer. Clients must see, feel and experience exceptional levels of customer service wherever they encounter a Nyaradzo representative, be it in an office setting, out in the field, at a funeral or any other event. Our staff is extensively trained on all facets of the organisation, its products and services. Every one of us is accountable for delivering world-class service that knocks people over.
We believe that we are "generation customer service" and that every client who experiences our service must walk away fully satisfied, willing to come back to do more business with us and recommend us to their friends and relatives. Nyaradzo’s mission is to revolutionise the services industry and make a difference to every customer’s experience.