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Septic Tanks Emptying

Septic Tank emptying, liquid/ oil waste sludge removals, honey suckers, Competitive rates, Fast same day service 24 hour service, 365 days a year We offer a service that is second...

Electric Geysers

We repair and install all types of geysers, leaking, over flowing and burst geysers 24 hour service 365 days a year Our work carry's a guarantee of 6 months whenever we do a...

Soak-away Construction

With over Five(5) years in the construction of soak-aways we should be your first choice whenever you need them constructed or when you need maintenance. Feel free to call us and w...

Drain Laying

Whenever you need some pipework sorted for your drains, we use quality pipes.

Borehole Drilling(Please call in for prices)

We have a vast knowledge of how to site and drill boreholes. Please call in if you would like a quote we are here and ready to help with every inquiry.

Industrial Sink Installations

No job is too big for us, we are here to make your life easier. Hygiene is very important in the work area.

Industrial Sink Maintenance

When you find water is not moving at the right speeds out the sink this is when you give us a call. Professional same day service where applicable.

Kitchen Sink Installations

A functional sink is paramount to any household. We can install and also repair these for you at very affordable rates.

Refuse collections and removal

When refuse gathers it becomes a hazard to your home and the community as a whole. We collect refuse at affordable rates, please call in and we'll explain our terms to you.

Flushing Systems

Whenever you need help with your flushing systems whether it be at the business or at work give us a call and we'll be there with our 24hr on call service.

Solar Geysers

Seeing as powercuts have become a part of our lives the solar geyser is the right direction to take and we'll take you there every step of the way with our solar geysers. We repai...

Burst Pipes

If you have any burst pipes no problem is too small for us, we know how those burst pipes can be a major headache in our lives. With Innovative Enterprises we are here for you 24/7

Plumbing Services

Specialist in repairing faulty taps ,toilets ,bath tubs ,sinks and basins open 24/7.

Emptying of Oil Separators
Emptying of Oil Separators

For all your garage needs we will empty your oil separator and keep your working environment hygienic. Safety first from Nt Innovative, call in for all inquiries

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