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Welcome to Msasa Cabins....
Tree Benches
USD 180
  • Harare West

We do outdoor artistic tree benches which come in different shapes.Delivered and installed

Wooden Flower pots
USD 30
  • Harare West

We do nice wooden flower pots ideal in decorating garden area

Painted Wendy House
USD 550
  • Harare West

Painted Wendy House ,smooth interior ,small balcony,raised 50cm from the ground ,treated ,delivered and installed.

Raised Wooden Office
USD 1,500
  • Harare West

Raised Wooden Office,treated,door framed ,flash door,locker,ND4F window frame,panned, 1,3m long balcony benched ,trellis fence ,roof delivered and installed

6 panel /8 panel Saligna Doors
USD 130
  • Harare West

We do different types redwood doors ,unlimited designs

Round table and Benches
USD 1,300
  • Harare West

We are artistic to make anything with different types of wood ,round chairs and tables in fact we do all shapes

Complete Chicken Run
USD 700
  • Harare West

This set comes with 2 course brick wall,slab ,lockable doors,roof,delivery and installation in Harare plus 7years guarantee

Wooden Offices Complete
USD 2,200
  • Harare West

2 brick wall slab,flooring,ND4F/C2H window frames,panes,door framed,flash door,locker,roofed,treated,delivery and in Installation in Harare please note out of Harare trips requires...

Jungle gym
USD 850
  • Harare West

Kids complete playing set 7years guarantee ,varnished and painted ,sand pit,slide,swings,monkey craw,Wendy house,treated and bolted joints delivered and installed

Pallet Chairs
USD 350
  • Harare West

We art pallets to make them very good relaxing chairs braced with steel frames and bolted joints.

Road Runner/Layers Fowl Run
USD 400
  • Harare West

This design is specifically for road runners,roof,lockable door,snake proof fence,rough floor,delivered and installed in Harare

Lockable trellis gate
USD 20
  • Harare West

We do lockable trellis gate to lock out dogs from the garden or demarcate areas and access

Trellis Plant Pots
USD 20
  • Harare West

We do trellis pots of different types and designs to decorate your garden area .

Laying Boxes
USD 30
  • Harare West

These are laying boxes and are charged per compartment @ $6 each compartment

Wooden Offices/ houses
USD 1,750
  • Harare West

6mx3.5m Wooden Cabin with Ibr roof, beams, 2 brick wall slab, smooth floor, 2 x window frames and panes, 2 x flash doors,delivered and installed in Harare.

Painted Bunk Bed
USD 170
  • Harare West

We do beds painted with any colour of your choice

Tree table
USD 140
  • Harare West

Table round the tree for braai at home

Painted Morris Chair
USD 150
  • Harare West

We do different types of Morris Chairs ,painted,raised and adjustable Morris Chairs

Universal Cage 2
USD 75
  • Harare West

This is a universal cage with a bigger capacity its 2m length x1m width ,roofed,lockable door,treated we can also alter it to suit your specifications

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