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Boreholes Submersible pumps Booster pumps Plastic reservoir tanks Irrigation solutions Pressure tanks

Soakaway Construction soakaway repairs soakaway relocation clear blocked soakway pipes french drain building french drain constructions

Air conditioning Fridges Cold rooms Bottle coolers Car regassing Fridge regassing Repairs Office room air conditioning Chillers

Harare Septic Tanks Harare Septic tank emptying Car wash wastes Harare All liquid wastes Septic tank construction Soakaway construction New drainages Broken drainages Spec...

Z$ 743

We attend to all burst water pipes, leakages, underground/ wall leak detection , crazy/runny taps and valves and low water pressure . We are open during this festive season hol...

Building Construction Brick walls Durawalls Partitions & alterations Flooring & plastering Painting Carpentry Driveways Renovations All construction work

Harare waste away removal solid waste liquid sludge waste dirty oil removal cesspit waste removal oil separators wastes removal swimming pool dirty water removal

Plumbing Plumber all hours Emergency services Blocked drainages Clogged toilets, tubs, sinks Geyser repairs & maintenance Leaking water pipes Leak detection Poor flow of wa...

Z$ 578

Harare Septics Honeysucking, Blocked drainages ,gullies , kitchen sinks, bath tubs, urinals , storm drains , blocked gutters , septic tank clearing and cleaning, domestic and indus...

Electrical Installations Electricians Short circuits Blackouts Stoves, geysers Flickering lights Gate Motors Intercoms Booster pumps Generators Wiring

Harare Rock and stone Blasting stone blasting concrete breaking hard surface breaking sand blasting slab breaking concrete demolishing stone melting residential, roads, co...

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