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Welcome to Konstruction Maestro, the Champions in home renovation services.
Roof Leaks and Plumbing Services
  • Harare West

With the rains fast approaching, now is the best time to clean those blocked but manure-rich gutters as well as the choked downpipes. We ensure a clear, free flowing drainage that...

Bath Tub Re enameling / Re surfacing / Repairs
USD 65  |
ZWL 1,625 negotiable
  • Harare West

Your bathtub is a priceless jewel and with the proper care it can last for centuries. However some damages can threaten its long life. For all : Bathtub/Basin re-enameling on c...

Carpet Cleaning & Fumigation Services
USD 1  |
ZWL 25 per sq metre
  • Harare West

When kept uncleaned, carpets and sofas can be the best place for germs, bacterias and pests to breed in. Call us for a professional service to keep your place refreshingly clean an...

Bathroom Enameling
USD 65  |
ZWL 1,625
  • Harare West

For the best bathtub re enameling and repairs services. We have done for corporates, realtors and individuals and the references have been 5 star. Call Richard for more and booking...

Carpet Removal / Fitting and Restretching
  • Harare West

For all carpeting work do not hesitate to call us be it : Carpet Removal, Carpet Fitting and/or Carpet Restretching to flatten the bumps and ridges to give it an even floor lay...

Floor Repairs, Parquet Floor Repairs and Floor Sanding + Varnishing
  • Harare West

For the best service in parquet flooring, repairs on flood damaged tiles, sanding and sealing of wooden floors, ceramic, glitter stone, porcelain and parquet tiling and carpeting....

Fumigation and Pest Control Services
USD 20  |
ZWL 500
  • Harare West

Pests can be the most annoying and embarrassing things in your house besides the health dangers they pose. For a professional and health risk free service in : Fumigation of Coc...

Sofas Cleaning, Seats Cleaning and Chair Cleaning Services
  • Harare West

Before reupholstering try us for a professional service in all upholstery cleaning concerns. We clean and ensure your seats are health-risk free and leave them refreshed and smelli...

Floor Sanding and Varnishing
  • Harare West

Before you remove that strong mahogany tile to replace with other flooring - try sanding and polishing it. A professional hand, correct machinery and the right varnish will restore...

Plumbing and Roof Leak Repairs
USD 30  |
ZWL 750 negotiable
  • Harare West

Over the years we have grown to understand the Aqua language and resultantly we can confidently tackle all plumbing issue. Call us today for professional advice on all your plumbi...

Bath Tub Re Glazing
USD 80  |
ZWL 2,000
  • Harare West

Was your tub "re-glazed", but then started to chip and peel off? Potentially a result of bad workmanship! Do not despair we can restore it to the way you originally wanted it. 1 Ye...

Bath Tub and Basin Enameling / Re spraying
  • Harare West

For the best service in : Bath & Basin Enameling, Stains Removal, Colour Changes, (to customer preference or matching), Bath tub repairs i.e. cracks or holes, Basin Fit.

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