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ROM Knee Brace
  • Harare East

Range of motion knee brace is specifically designed for the rehabilitation of ligament injuries or cartilage tears. The brace allows for varying stages of range of motion movement...

Air Neck Traction
  • Harare East

Inflatable Full Flanel Neck Traction Anatomically designed, self-controlled, thin and light weight. Examination with X-ray, CT, MRI can be conducted even while wearing air neck...

Paraffin gauze bandage
  • Harare East

Available - 10cmx10cm, BOX/10PCS Ideal for burns

Ash hyperextension brace
  • Harare East

It perfectly stabilizes the vertical column in a hyper - lordotic position Commonly used to treat spinal compression fractures and help your back recover after spine surgery. Hy...

Doro Bipolar Forcep Sterilisation Tray
  • Harare East

Compact: Holds 6 forceps and cables Durable and secure – for storage and sterilization Anodized silver aluminum with resilient silicone elastomeric instrument holders Validated...

POP Bandage
  • Harare East

Available , size - 5cmx2.7cm $0.30, 7.5cmx2.7m $0.40, 10cmx2.7m $0.55, 15cmx2.7m $0.80

Bubble mattress
  • Harare East

Bubble Air Mattresses are good for the prevention of pressure sores when caring for someone with limited mobility. Besides the 2 hourly turns that one does, the ripple air mattre...

Maternity support belt
  • Harare East

Available sizes Medium, Large, X-large, XXLarge

Mini Fetal Doppler
  • Harare East

Safely listen to unborn baby heartbeat - CE & FDA Approved Hear your baby's heartbeat, hiccups and kicks Can be used from 12 weeks into the pregnancy Record prenatal sounds to s...

Patella hammer
  • Harare East

Medical instrument used to test reflexes of the deep tendons to check for abnormalities of the nervous system

Philadelphia neck collar
  • Harare East

The Philadelphia neck collar is a two piece collar consisting of a front piece and a back piece which are held together by Velcro straps. It can be used by patients with the follow...

Thoraco- lumbar corset
  • Harare East

The Thoraco-Lumbar Corset (also called Brace) was designed to help in the treatment of backache. People with the following conditions can benefit from using the Thoraco-Lumbar Co...

Abdominal swabs
  • Harare East

30x30cm - Non washed, X ray detectable

Gauze swabs with x-ray
  • Harare East

10cmx10cm 12ply - Available

  • Harare East

Quick and direct brand * CE0123, ISO13485, GMP * No Code * OEM Welcomed * Accurate, Quick, Easy-to-use Blood Glucose Meter ‧Alternative site testing ‧Wide measuring range o...

G-patch Large (dura substitute)
  • Harare East

Designed to repair defects in soft tissues & re‐enforcement of soft tissues such as DURAMATER‚ Peritoneal pleura etc. The patch is made of Poly Propylene

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