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Humeral Splint
  • Harare East

Provides circumferential soft tissue compression of the humerus while allowing full range of motion at shoulder and elbow Splint is indicated for treatment of distal or mid shaft...

Lumbar Corset Deluxe
  • Harare East

Available For lower back support and immobilisation Beneficial to people with lower back problems, degenerative discs, etc

Tongue depressor
  • Harare East

Wooden- 150mm pack of 100

Ecg machine
  • Harare East

7 inch 480x680 color graphic LCD display Three channel ECG machine with interpretation 12-lead ECG simultaneous acquisition Multiple operation modes: Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia Anal...

Hand ball splint
  • Harare East

For rehabilitation or regaining hand functionality in persons suffering traumatic brain injuries, spasms, strokes etc

Eco- frame back support
  • Harare East

It helps to provide firm support to the back and lumber region

Elastic crepe bandage 100mm
  • Harare East

Available Sizes - 5cm - $0.50, 7.5cm - $0.55, 10cm - $0.65,

Latex examination gloves
  • Harare East

carton price $45.00 for 10 boxes Available- Medium size Lightly powdered

Nebuliser kit
  • Harare East

Docspray Mesh Nebuliser

First Aid Kit
  • Harare East

Customised Kit - you can select components specific to your needs.

Wrist bp machine
  • Harare East

Portable personal tool for measuring blood pressure

Tummy trimming belt
  • Harare East

Ventilated fish line, elastic belt designed to help raise the abdomen or prevent belly from drooping when one needs to slim

Blood pressure machine
  • Harare East

Product Name BOKANG Full auto digital blood pressure monitor Model Number BK6032 Display Type Digital Form Method...

Chhabra shunts
  • Harare East

SHUNTS - VP High Pressure, VP Medium Pressure, VP Low Pressure, Available at affordable Price

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