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Lumbar corset ordinary
  • Harare East

It helps to provide uniform support to lower back section with rigid immobilization

Foam Dressing
  • Harare East

Available sizes - 10x10 - $3.50 and 15x15 - $5 Foam dressings are made from polyurethane. The polyurethane contains variably sized small open cells that have the ability to pull e...

Eco- frame back support
  • Harare East

It helps to provide firm support to the back and lumber region

Doro Bipolar Forcep Sterilisation Tray
  • Harare East

Compact: Holds 6 forceps and cables Durable and secure – for storage and sterilization Anodized silver aluminum with resilient silicone elastomeric instrument holders Validated...

Non Contact Industrial Thermometer
  • Harare East

Precise non-contact IR thermometer, safe and easy to use. Simply point to an object and read its temperature. Laser sight allows accurate targeting. Consist of optics, temperatu...

Chhabra shunts
  • Harare East

SHUNTS - VP High Pressure, VP Medium Pressure, VP Low Pressure, Available at affordable Price

Aneurysm Clips
  • Harare East

an aneurysm — a balloon-like bulge of an artery wall. Aneurysm clips are used to place a tiny clip across the neck of the aneurysm to stop or prevent an aneurysm from bleeding.

Knee Brace Long type
  • Harare East

This knee brace helps to achieve complete immobilization to facilitate recovery from a muscle pull, strain, ligament tear or knee operation Post operation Total Knee Replacement...

Thermo-hygrometer - Digital
  • Harare East

Temperature Range: 0℃~50℃ Humidity Range: 30%RH ~ 90 %RH Operating Voltage: AAA 1.5 V(Not Included) This LCD hygrometer/ thermometer can display digital records temperature and...

Magnetic neck corset
  • Harare East

The Magnetic Neck Heater can be used by people suffering from stiffness on the neck as well as neck pains -It promote fracture healing and improve neck strength - Suita...

  • Harare East

Quick and direct brand * CE0123, ISO13485, GMP * No Code * OEM Welcomed * Accurate, Quick, Easy-to-use Blood Glucose Meter ‧Alternative site testing ‧Wide measuring range o...

Maternity support belt
  • Harare East

Available, sizes medium and large only

Digital Massager
  • Harare East

Detailed Product Description Functions: treatment, pain released, health care Main applying scope: used for rheumatism pain, scapulohumeral periarthritis cervical vertebra pain,...

Gauze swabs with x-ray
  • Harare East

10cmx10cm 12ply - Available

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