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Orthopaedic coccyx wedge seat
  • Harare East

It helps to release the pressure on lower spinal discs and tail bone(coccyx) due to prolong sitting

Oxygen face mask
  • Harare East

Sizes available Adults and Paeds

Soft neck collar
  • Harare East

It is used to support neck in different conditions like sprains, strains, whiplash etc. It provides soft and rigid support to limit the neck movement or to prevent harmful neck m...

Ecg machine
  • Harare East

7 inch 480x680 color graphic LCD display Three channel ECG machine with interpretation 12-lead ECG simultaneous acquisition Multiple operation modes: Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia Anal...

Nebuliser kit
  • Harare East

Docspray Mesh Nebuliser

IV Cannula
  • Harare East

Sizes Available: 16G,18G,20G,22,24G

Maternity support belt
  • Harare East

Available sizes Medium, Large, X-large, XXLarge

First Aid Kit
  • Harare East

Customised Kit - you can select components specific to your needs.

Aneurysm Clips
  • Harare East

an aneurysm — a balloon-like bulge of an artery wall. Aneurysm clips are used to place a tiny clip across the neck of the aneurysm to stop or prevent an aneurysm from bleeding.

Air Neck Traction with Chin Support
  • Harare East

Inflatable Soft Neck Traction Anatomically designed, self-controlled, thin and light weight. Efficiently supports neck and head User friendly Portable device for neck pain r...

Chhabra shunts
  • Harare East

SHUNTS - VP High Pressure, VP Medium Pressure, VP Low Pressure, Available at affordable Price

ROM Knee Brace
  • Harare East

Range of motion knee brace is specifically designed for the rehabilitation of ligament injuries or cartilage tears. The brace allows for varying stages of range of motion movement...

Maternity support belt
  • Harare East

Available, sizes medium and large only

Air Neck Traction
  • Harare East

Inflatable Full Flanel Neck Traction Anatomically designed, self-controlled, thin and light weight. Examination with X-ray, CT, MRI can be conducted even while wearing air neck...

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