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Ross 308 broiler
  • Harare East

Ross 308 broiler for sale. Please call to check prices they change regularly

Boschveld chicks
  • Harare East

Boschveld indigenous free range chicks for sale. Please call to check prices. They change regularly

Hyline eggs
  • Harare East

Available are Hyline eggs, call to confirm if they are still available.

Rooster/cocks for sale
  • Harare East

We have the largest selection of cocks/roosters. Bred by professionals

Day old chicks for sale
  • Harare East

Quality day old chicks for sale. Fully vaccinated and de wormed

Point of lay chickens
  • Harare East

We sell high-quality pullets that are raised by professionals in the field. You can pick up your ready-to-lay pullets from us at 12 weeks of age, 14 weeks, or 16 weeks of age.

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