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Roller blinds

Roller Blinds , Percolate your light with simple fabric roller blinds that are neat,functional,practical and low maintenance,We have so many colours

Vertical Blinds; Supply and Installation

Our vertical blinds create an interesting ,soft,layered look in conjunction with more traditional furniture and curtains,We have them in so many colors to match your home or office

Wooden shades

Wooden blinds offer classic ,timeless stlye for any home or office,We have them on 50mm Slates

Outdoor Shades

Car Shades different colours

Venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds,are very versatile,apart from diffusing the light horizontally,they can retard or enhance the outdoor view into animated strips of colours.They will ensure the priv...

Vertical Blinds

Blinds Repair,Services and Cleaning call us

Rubber tiles

Floor Rubber tiles for Gyms

Car shades

Car Shades for nice carpots and all

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