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Juniper Firewall Appliances
  • Harare West

Juniper Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Services provide an array of cyber defenses to reduce your attack surface in this challenging environment. With the SRX Firewall at their fo...

Check Point Firewall Appliances
  • Harare West

Ready to battle any threat, from small to Gen-V mega attacks, our security gateways provide superior threat prevention and a unified security management. Check Point Next Generati...

eSet Antivirus
  • Harare West

Keep your network clean and protect your endpoints (computers, smartphones, tablets and file server) against emerging threats and data theft with security that is easily manageable...

Domain And Web Site Hosting
  • Harare West

Call Innovate Hosting today for domains, email and web site hosting services. We provide free SSL certificates to our customers enabling secure web sites. Resellers are most welcom...

Software Installations And Data Recovery
  • Harare West

Call us today for MS-Windows, MS-Office, Linux, Antivirus installations on laptops, desktops and servers. We also provide data recovery services.

ClearOS Firewall Appliances
  • Harare West

ClearOS keeps out unwanted viruses, spam and hackers, by offering you the latest in cutting-edge protection. Antivirus - Keep your entire network safe by filtering viruses at the...

PFSense Firewall Appliances
  • Harare West

pfSense is a free, open source firewall and router platform based on FreeBSD that is functionally competitive with expensive, proprietary commercial firewalls. pfSense can be confi...

Cisco Network Devices Deployments and Support
  • Harare West

Innovate Hosting has vast experience in the deployments and support of Cisco network devices; ranging from configurations, interconnections, VPNs, Security ACLs and many more. Call...

Linux Deployments and Support Services
  • Harare West

Innoovate Hosting has expertise in Linux based systems deployments and support. Call us today for professional advise.

Cisco UTM Firewall Appliances
  • Harare West

Stop more threats with the threat-focused Cisco 5500-X NGFW. Beat sophisticated cyber attacks with a superior security appliance. Cisco offer the industry’s first threat-focused ne...

Sophos Firewall Appliances
  • Harare West

Sophos blocks unknown threats with a comprehensive suite of advanced protection including IPS, ATP, Sandboxing, Dual AV, Web and App Control, Anti-phishing, a full-featured Web App...

Fortinet UTM Firewall Appliances
  • Harare West

Fortinet’s high-performance network security platform has solutions for the core (internal segmentation), the edge (Next GENERATION Firewall), and access (secure access). The netwo...

Kaspersky Internet Security and Antivirus
  • Harare West

Protect your computer assets today. Call Innovate Hosting for B2B Internet Security licensing.

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