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Welcome to Home Build Contractors We are the ultimate partner for your building and construction material.We offer a wide range of high quality building materials.Shop our great deals and save big.

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Water Tanks | Quality Water Tanks
USD 180
  • Harare West

Water Tanks for Sale Zimbabwe Cheap Water Tanks for sale Zimbabwe -Coloured Outer Layer -A…

Galvanised Sheets,3.6m x 650mm x 0.25mm
USD 18
  • Harare West

Galvanised Sheets,3.6m x 650mm x 0.25mm Galvanised Sheets for Sale Zimbabwe Cheap Galvanised …

Shower Cubicle | Aluminium Shower Cubicle
USD 350
  • Harare West

-Aluminium Shower Cubicle with Waterproof , $350 -Aluminium Shower Cubicle for Sale Zimbabwe …

Geyser | Solar Geysers
USD 253
  • Harare West

Unpressurised/Gravity Geyser 100L- $230 150L- $280 200L- $350 Pressurised 150L- $590 20…

Roofing Timber | Dry Roofing Timber | Sun or Kiln Dried
  • Harare West

Roofing Timber, Structural grade timber: -Cheap Roofing timber -Roofing Timber for Sale Zimb…

Bullnose Verandah Sheets
USD 20
  • Harare West

-Bull Nose ,2.4m - $20 painted -Bull Nose ,2.4m - $18 unpainted Bullnose Verandah Sheets fo…

IBR Sheets | Chromadek IBR Roofing Sheets
USD 6.50
per metre
  • Harare North

Chromadeck IBR Roofing Sheets with Extra Width 0.4mm ($6.50) & 0.3mm($5.50) available. 12 Feet…

100W Solar Panel
USD 65
  • Harare West

On Promotion :Solar Panels 100 Watts $80 Solar Panel for sale Zimbabwe Cheap Solar Panel f…

Power Inverter | 3KVA | Hybrid 2400Watts | Mecer
USD 710
  • Harare West

Inverters on Promotion: -Power Invertors for Sale Zimbabwe -Cheap Power Invertors Zimbabwe …

QTiles | Roofing QTiles
USD 7.50
per metre
  • Harare West

Q-tiles,0.4mm * 820mm-$7.50 -QTiles | Roofing QTiles for Sale Zimbabwe -Cheap QTiles | Roofin…

Roll Top Ridges and Valley Gutters,2.4m
  • Harare West

Roofing Valley Gutters and Ridges Valley Gutters-2.4m at $7 each Ridges -2.4m at $8 each M…

Gel Batteries,-100Ah (ALLGRAND ) | Solar Batteries
USD 250
  • Harare West

ALLGRAND Gel Batteries,-100Ah $195 ALLGRAND Gel Batteries,h-200A $360 -Gel Batteries,-100Ah (…

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