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10 000 egg hatch incubator
  • Harare CBD

Limited hatcher capacity. Comes with complimentary hatcher. Money making stage. Several advanced features. Gas and hot water use compatible. 5 years warranty. Available in metal,...

Giant 5000 eggs incubator
  • Harare CBD

Combined hatcher and setter.highly intelligent and high yield. 5 years warranty. Price is in USD

108 eggs solar incubator
  • Harare CBD

12 volt incubator machine. High yield up to 96%. Very compact and low power consumption. Digital display and high precision. Price is in USD

2268 egg giant mother setter
  • Harare CBD

High yield 2 year guarantee. 90-96% high efficiency . 2 in one hatcher. Solar and gas user compatible. Price is in USD

576 egg solar incubator
  • Harare CBD

12 volt battery. 95% hatch rate. Price is in USD

3240 eggs combo mini hatcher
  • Harare CBD

Comes with complimentary hatcher and basket. 94% yield high power efficiency. Gas compatible. 2 years guarantee

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