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Glaven Tech Engineering is a fully fledged engineering company with a versatile team and expertise that brings precision and quality on all your related projects as well as chosen product and/or service. The team has the necessary skill, experience and educational knowledge to properly handle your project to your expectation with excellence. The following services are offered by our SBUs: 1. Aluminium Fittings & Interior Design- Glaven brings tailor made serves to all your sliding and folding doors, sliding doors, hinged doors, window sections, shower cubicles, office partitioning, Fitted Kitchens and Built in cupboards. 2. Precast Concrete (Durawall) Structures - We construct safe, secure and affordable panel or durawall structures that include cottages & accommodation units, boundary or perimeter walls, church & classroom blocks as well as site & satelite offices and structures. Show me
1.8m High Durawall - Precast Perimeter or boundary panel walls
USD 18
  • Harare CBD

For all your perimeter walling of 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m height of the design of your choice. We manufacture and install for your at a reasonable price for quality service and prod...

2.4m Commercial Durawall
USD 24
  • Harare CBD

Commercial precast durawall with a height of 2.4m

2.1m high Precast panel wall
USD 21
  • Harare CBD

Precast Durawall 2.1m High wall on plain and on any design of choice

USD 100
  • Harare CBD

To be placed on school student and teacher desks, office receptions, workstations, open plan offices to aid social distancing and stop the spread of the virus

Aluminium Shower Enclosures
  • Harare CBD

Aluminium shower enclosures for any size, and colour ranging in bronze, natural, charcoal grey and white.

Aluminium Commercial Entrance Booth
  • Harare CBD

Bank, commercial buildings and hospital aluminium entrance booths with any design , either single or double.

Aluminium Commercial Shopfront
  • Harare CBD

Aluminium shopfront for commercial buildings and structures of any design, size and colour.

Aluminium Single hinged / swing door
  • Harare CBD

Single hinged or swing door aluminium door on any size and colour from bronze, white, natural and charcoal grey.

Aluminium Sunroom Shopfront Window
  • Harare CBD

Anodised aluminium sunroom shopfront windows of any size and colour type from bronze, natural, charcoal grey and white.

Designed Durawall boundary walls
  • Harare CBD

Precast Durawall boundary wall designed and of any height ranging from 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m.

Decorated Durawall perimeter wall
  • Harare CBD

For all your precast decorated durawalls of all height 1.8m, 2.1m or 2.4m

Precast Durawall School or Church Structure
  • Harare CBD

Precast Concrete Durawall School and church structures on a heaped roof

Aluminum Sliding and folding doors
  • Harare CBD

Anodised aluminium consentino (Sliding and Folding ) doors which can be tailor made into natural colour, white, bronze or charcoal grey

Aluminum Window Sections
  • Harare CBD

Anodised Aluminium window sections of your preferred design, size, colour be it bronze, white, natural or charcoal grey.

Aluminium Shower cubicles and enclosures
  • Harare CBD

For your bathroom exceptional finish, we provide you with aluminium shower cubicles, doors and enclosures of your choice of colour bronze, natural, white or charcoal grey along wit...

Aluminium Office Partitioning
  • Harare CBD

Office partitioning to suit your needs and the use you want to put it to. Get aluminium shopfront partitioning at your workplace or anywhere you want it done and get value for you...

Fitted Kitchens
  • Harare CBD

For a more unique, classy and trendy interior design at home of at your workplace, Glaven Tech Engineering does it for you with the preferred design and material finish

Aluminium Hinged / Swing Doors
  • Harare CBD

Hinged or Swing doors which also come in colour bronze, natural,white or charcoal grey along with the corresponding glass type, thickness and colour. These are tailor-made to the s...

Aluminium Sliding doors
  • Harare CBD

Aluminium sliding doors ranging from colour bronze, natural,white and charcoal grey. They come in single as well as double side with or without sidelights. The glasses depend on th...

Aluminium Skylights and flash glazing
  • Harare CBD

Aluminium skylights and flash glazing of all designs and colour that suits your need

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