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Welcome to Gens-R-Us, we aim to make your purchase experience pleasurable. We are a company specializing in sales, installations, maintenance and hire of generators, water pumps, solar systems, farming equipment, inverters, converters and batteries. We provide equipment of superior quality, manufactured to international high standards. We aim at making the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans better at affordable prices.
Must PV1100 Series
  • Harare North

Available in: - 1200va 12v - 2400va 24v - Hybrid - High Frequency - Lcd Display - AC Charger 10-20amp - 50amp Pwm - Max Pv Voltage 55vdc

Art Solar Panels
  • Harare North

Available in 305 Watt Mono-crystalline Full Black 310 Watt Mono-crystalline 340 Watt Poly-crystalline

5kva Silent Diesel Generator
  • Harare North

Other Generators Available Open Frame 2kva Diesel Pull Start 2kva Petrol Key Start 2kva Petrol Pull Start 5kva Petrol Key Start 5kva Petrol Pull Start

Solar Floodlights
  • Harare North

Available in 20 Watt Comes complete with day-night sensor, solar panel and battery

MC4 Solar Panels Connectors
  • Harare North

Available in Singles 2 Way 3 Way 4 Way

Amaron AGM Solar Batteries
  • Harare North

Available in 7ah 12V 100ah 12v 150ah 12v 200ah 12v

Homaya Schneider Hybrid Inverters
  • Harare North

Available in 850 VA 12V 1500 VA 24V Both with built in 40amp Mppt

Luminous Inverters
  • Harare North

Available in 500va To 5kva

Solar Dc Iron
  • Harare North

Available in Dry and Steam

Solar Geysers
  • Harare North

Available in Gravity and Pressure from 80L to 300L depending on size

Solar Submersible Water Pumps
  • Harare North

Available in 140 Watt/ 24V/ 50MH/ 1300L/H 210 Watt/ 24V/ 80MH/ 1800L/H 270 Watt/ 24V/ 100MH/ 1800L/H 750 Watt/ 48V/ 80MH/ 3200L/H

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