Welcome to Design-Land Trading...We do Landscaping, Driveways..
Driveways, pavements and drainage
  • Harare CBD

World-class driveways, and pavements. We design the using interlocking pavers. brick paving, three quarter stones and bitumen. We also specialize in drainage

Creative gardening, interiorscaping
  • Harare CBD

We are specialists in creative gardening , new concept designs, lower pots arrangements and many garden accessories call

Landcsaping, garden designing
  • Harare CBD

We are specialists in garden designing and landscaping. Various designs of gardens on offer. We can read and design plants. We can also design gardens fro magazines or uploaded des...

Soccer stadiums, Golf courses, cricket fields, Rugby pitches
  • Harare CBD

We are specialists in various sporting fields. We design drainage, supply and lay turf and maintain up to the time the stadium we be ready. We have more than 6 stadiums on our...

Palms, Crotons and hegdes
  • Harare CBD

Palms, shrubs, hedges and fruit trees to be delivered from Chipinge. Palms from 0.8 meters to 6 meters to be delivered on order. We are also profession in uprooting and replanted m...

Instant and Bagged lawn for sale
  • Harare CBD

Instant Kikuyu, Buffalo and Durban lawn for sale from $2.30. We design, level and model ground and professionally plant lawn. We are also professionals in lawn weed, Pest and disea...

Wholesale Palms, hegdes and Flowers
  • New
  • Harare CBD

Palms on sale from $4m for small palms. Available in stock are up to 4m in height Hedges $0.40 from 100 plants

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