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Electric Geyser Maintenance

We maintain electric geysers to make sure they operate at the highest efficiency level. Give us a call and we will come in to give your geyser a thorough look over

Electric Geyser Installations

We Install Electric geysers that are very efficient for our current electricity needs

Gas Geyser Installation

A Gas Geyser is very user friendly and fuel efficient. It is a must have for any family or business setup

Drain Laying

Drain Laying is not as easy as most people would assume there are a number of things that one has to look out for when doing so.

Gas Geyser Maintanence

Maintaining your geyser is as good as maintaining your own health. We here at Dach would like to maintain it so that it takes care of you for many years to come.

Corporate Drain Laying

We can setup drains for any size of corporate facility

Sludge Removal

When sludge builds up in your pipes is can be a huge hindrance leading to more problems. Call us in and we will clear out and remove the sludge

Tub repairs

We repair leaking tubs so that you can enjoy a nice hot bath bath. Dach is here for all your plumbing needs

Leaking Pipe Repairs

Whenever a pipe is leaking this will disrupt the flow of water. What an inconvenience this can be.

Septic tank repairs

We repair septic tanks. Nothing is more irritating than a septic tank that is blocked up.

Plumbing Services(Galvanized Pipes Replacement)

We can replace all your faulty pipes in your household. No job is too small for us

Toilet Repairs

We repair cisterns for your toilet with great ease, so that you can rest easy. Fast efficient same day service

Tap Installations

We are professionals at installing taps whether for business or simply at home

Ceiling Repairs

A leak in the ceiling can be a nightmare, we are able to fix this problem.

Roof Repairs

If you have a leaking roof we are ready to come in and repair it, call us in for a quote and we will get the job done soon as possible.

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Blocked Drains (Price ranges from)

We clear all blocked drains (Same day service)

Water Tank Installation

We will come and install any water tank that is available, it is important to make sure this stage is done right from the start.

Solar Geyser Maintenance

Whenever there is an electrical fault with your geyser look no further we will maintain it for you 24hr hotline available

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