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Dust mask FFP1
  • Harare East

Disposable respiratory dust mask FFP1.

Shaft sinker suit
  • Harare East

High performance shaft sinker suit.

Safety spectacles
  • Harare East

Our eyewear is specially designed to protect the eyes and our scratch-resistant safety lenses could help prevent a serious accident. As the safety glasses come with prescription le...

Safety goggles
  • Harare East

Why risk losing precious eyesight when wearing safety glasses or protective goggles can keep your eyes safe for a lifetime of good vision? Get the best safety goggles at Casstech.

Safety Apron
  • Harare East

Safeguard workers against harmful welding sparks and chemical splashes while working. Welding, flame-resistant, and protective aprons are indispensable when working with sparks, fl...

Industrial rubber gloves
  • Harare East

Industrial rubber gloves for sale .

  • Harare East

Our range of Reusable Respirators offers exceptional quality and value for money when protecting your workers against industrial gases, vapours and particulate hazards. Not only d...

Respiratory cartridges
  • Harare East

Respiratory cartridges .Respiratory protection against harmful gases & vapors. Buy respirators or replacement filters now!

Red heat resistant gloves
  • Harare East

High cut resistance. High contact protection. Heat resistance. Composition Sewn with Kevlar thread. Wing thumb. Apron palm. Fully cotton lined palm

PVC work gloves
  • Harare East

PVC gloves offers good abrasion resistance.PVC is one of the more common coatings for coated work gloves.

Maid uniform
  • Harare East

Great looking cleaning, maid, and housekeeping uniforms for homes and office areas.

Leather safety gloves
  • Harare East

Casstech patented cut and puncture protection Hypodermic needle protection Durable and high abrasion performance Available in dexterous and flexible options Great for construct...

Full face masks
  • Harare East

Full face masks for sale.Full face mask respirator.

Face shield
  • Harare East

Face shield for sale.

Ear muffs hearing protection
  • Harare East

Quick and easy to use, hearing protection ear muffs, also known as ear defenders, are standard safety gear in noisy environments.

Dust coat
  • Harare East

Comfort and simplicity are core in this easy-care dust coat

Ear plugs hearing protection
  • Harare East

Noise reduction ear plugs which help in listening to loud music in crowded environments safely

Casstech hard hat helmet
  • Harare East

They are tough, stronger, more durable, and lighter than the basic plastic counterparts. If you purchase the best carbon fiber hat, you will get greater protection. They are struct...

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