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Wirebrush (blue)

Including Delivery for (1000) Bricks

House renovation

Moving into a new home? We are just what you are looking for, make your home look modern we help you on planning and designing of offices, Churches, Schools etc. We offer fix...

Common bricks

Special offer common bricks $180 per 1000 price includes transport. .

13mm stones

For all building and road construction depending on your engineers requirements, also used on driveways $450.00 per 10m³ (including delivery)

Top soil

Do you love gardening? Good quality black and red treated soil for your garden. $180.00 per 10m³ (including delivery)

Crusher run

A combined stone and dust which also gives a strong finish when compacted on your foundation $240.00 per 5m³ (including delivery)

Pit Sand

Suppliers of high quality white plaster sand, yellow building sand and ordinary pitsand for Durawalls $180.00 per 10m³ (including delivery)


We supply good quality gravel for back filling, road and driveway construction $200.00 per 10m³ (including delivery)

Soak away stones

For all septic soak away; we also supply different types of rocks for your nice rockeries, artificial dams to the size of your requirements $170.00 per 5m³ (includin...


A wide range of driveways. Materials including Bricks, pavers and slabs. Prepare your driveways before the rains come

Wirebrush (plum)

Including delivery for (1000) Bricks

Brick rubbles

For all your back filling making your foundations strong, also good quality of brick rubbles $100.00 per 5m³ (including delivery)

Trucks for hire

Trucks for hire ranging from 1 tonne to 30 tonne trucks.

Industrial dark

Good quality Industrial bricks 39c each $390 per 1000 Bricks. (Price includes delivery)

Quarry dust

We deliver graded dust from 0,5 dust to 6mm dust for all driveways, strong plaster, brick moulding etc $200.00 per 5m³ (including delivery)

Rubble Removal

To have all your rubble removed, $130 for every 10cubic metre truck load. Call us today for a splendid clearing job.

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