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Paving: blooms landscaping p/l
  • Harare CBD

We supply and install industrial and domestic all paving patterns by all brick types. Our bricks range from hardburn (load bearing-Beta/Willdale supplied), solid commons, interlock...

Waterfall feature construction
  • Harare CBD

Waterfall Feature construction Garden value is also determined by Aqua-life and features. We design, construct/implement natural waterfall features using naturally weathe...

Fishponds with waterfalls: blooms landscaping p/l
  • Harare CBD

We execute fishponds attached to waterfalls to keep the fishpond water recycled. This keeps the fishpond waters free from algae and unwanted animal species. Recycled fishpond water...

Black topsoil- blooms landscaping p/l
  • Harare CBD

We supply and deliver garden organics : Black topsoil, tobacco manure and decomposed vermin composted manure plus borregro liquid lawn catalysers. Garden organics are meant for law...

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