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Welcome to Aqualife Borehole Drilling and Installation , Borehole flushing and deepening , borehole siting , solar equipment supplies and installation , water tanks and stands , PVC casings and technical support services


Borehole Deepening
  • Harare CBD

Subject to quote, (depending with depth and nature of the job) , specialized borehole deepening

Borehole Drilling and casing (0-40m)
USD 1,350
  • Harare West

Experts in Borehole drilling and casing for standard 0-40metres borehole including PVC casing Drilling prices in areas outside Harare are subject to a quote , please contact...

Quality guarateed Water Tanks
USD 420
  • Harare West

BRAND NEW !!! Durable 1000 , 2000, 2500, 5000 & 10000 litre Water Tanks with UV stabilised polyethylene with a total block out of sunlight meaning no algae growth and good poly st...

Borehole Flushing
  • Harare West

For professional borehole flushing contractor at affordable rates and reliable maintenance support.Get personalized services from our technical and support team

Electrical, solar and bush pumps installation
  • Harare West

Supply & installation of borehole pumps at affordable rates .Feel free to get in touch with our specialized and experienced boreholes personnel

Drip And Over Head Irrigation Installation
  • Harare West

Drip and overhead irrigation professional set up and installation. For more information please contact our competent technical department

Borehole tank fittings and installation
  • Harare West

Supply & installation of borehole water tank fittings and installation

Borehole installation assessories !!!!
  • Harare West

For your all borehole installation accessories from pressure tanks , pressure gauge and switch , nipples , connectors , poly pipe ,PVC casings , borehole lid and covers , cabling a...

Submersible borehole water pumps (Electric & Solar) installation
  • Harare West

Supply & installation of trusted and tested submersible borehole water pumps for electric and solar, solar panels and solar batteries , 24 months guarantee

Borehole Maintenance Service
  • Harare West

For all borehole professional services which includes siting , borehole drilling , reliable servicing and maintenance support , electrical and solar installations , booster pumps ,...

Borehole siting and drilling
  • Harare West

Borehole siting and drilling services including PVC casing and installation

Solar panels,batteries and solar charger controllers
  • Harare West

For a guaranteed solar panels 100-300W ,solar batteries ,solar charger controller ,solar DC pumps ,invertors and all complete solar system that can power all your alliances for bot...

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