A&G PUMPS installations, servicing & maintenance of Borehole, Irrigation, Water Tanks&Booster Systems, Alarm System
Borehole Compression Flush & Blow Outs
  • Harare South

Borehole Compression Flush & Blow Outs, A high compression air is pumped down the hole blowing out, clearing & removing all Silt, Sand, Mud, Stones, Roots & Vegetation, Broken Pi...

Borehole Surveying & Siting
  • Harare South

We provide a comprehensive Siting Survey of the entire property, identifying any & all sites on the property suitable for the successful drilling of a Borehole that would yield pot...

Borehole Drilling with Complete Pump System Installation Services
  • Harare South

Borehole Drilling and Complete Pump System Installations (Standard Electric & Solar) We offer drilling services throughout Zimbabwe and the surrounding region, with work done for...

  • Harare South

Borehole Surveying, Borehole Drilling, Compression Flush & Blow Outs, Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing, complete Pump System Installations (Electric & Solar)....

Borehole Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing,
  • Harare South

Hole Deepening & Rehabilitation, Re-Casing & Packing, The main objectives for a Borehole Rehabilitation are ; 1 ) To try & reclaim the loss of any the water yield of an already e...

Water Tank
  • Harare South

Water Tanks, Water Tank Flushing & Clean Outs, Sales & Complete System Installations Booster Pump System Installations, Servicing & Repairs Tank Stands - Sales and complete syste...

Tank Stands Boreholes Water Pumps Irrigation Drip Garden Field Water Filters
  • Harare South

We have been providing reliable, quality, water solutions & services since the early 1990's For all inquiries, sales, installations, servicing, maintenance or repairs required f...

Water Filters
  • Harare South

We supply & install Heavy Duty, Single, Dual or Triple Stage Water Filter Systems, treating your municipal water, borehole or water tank water & ridding it of all Sediment, Lime Sc...

Borehole Pump System Installations (Solar or Electric)
  • Harare South

Supply DC Solar Borehole Pumping Systems complete with all accessories ; Solar DC Pumps & Motors, Solar Panels, Control Boxes, Level Sensor Probes, Cabling & Jointing Kits Althoug...

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