A&G PUMPS installations, servicing & maintenance of Borehole, Irrigation, Water Tanks&Booster Systems, Alarm System
Water Tank
  • Harare South

A&G Pumps has been providing quality, reliable Borehole Services since early 1990. At A&G Pumps we offer Complete Borehole System Services including Siting Surveys, Borehole Drilli...

Water Tanks, Boreholes, Tank Stands, Pumps, Water Filter, Plumbing
  • Harare South

Pumps, Water Tanks, Water Pressure Systems, Water Filter Systems, Borehole Pump Systems A&G Pumps has been providing reliable water solutions since early 1990. A&G P...

Tank Stands, Boreholes, Water Filters, Plumbing, Pumps, Irrigation
  • Harare South

At A & G Pumps we will provide you with a Tank Stand / Gravity Feed System best suited to your requirements. Quality manufactured tank stands from 1 meter to 8 meters in height to...

Boreholes, Water Tanks, Water Filters, Plumbing, Pumps, Tank Stands
  • Harare South

Is your Water Treated?? Does your Water contain Lime, Sediment, Rust or Silt?/ Does you Water have a Smell or Taste?? Are your Baths, Showers, Kettles & Washing Machines being left...

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