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12000 BTUs Hisense Air-conditioner
  • New

Hisense has both heating and Cooling functions.

LG ducted inverter MDV
  • New

LG ducted inverter MDV - Multi split mdv System,3Phase Power

LG Mult-V system
  • New

Central control System ,Best for banks and Smart offices

Commercial stainless steel kitchen hoods
  • Not Specified

Installation of commercial stainless steel kitchen hoods suitable for hospitals, universities, restaurant etc

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Samsung dvm-s air conditioner
  • New

Samsung DVM-S Air Conditioner.DSI(dual Smart Inverter)system High Efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger Long Pipe Length Saving Installation Space Auto Commissioning Manager Optim...

servicing and re-gassing of air conditioners
  • Used

we have a team of expert service technicians ready to provide you with exceptional service. We have provided air conditioning repair, servicing and re-gassing for many years, and...

Water Dispenser
  • New

Airite water dispenser uses state-of-the-art purification technology to provide the cleanest drinking water around

Lg inverter air conditioner
  • New

LG inverter Air Conditioner Strong And Large Coverage Area Silent Operation With The Static Pressure Control Easy To Maintain New Communication Protocol (IN STORE)

12000 BTUs Media Air-conditioner
  • New

Midea air conditioner is designed to deliver: High energy efficient inverter technology to reduce your monthly utilities bill. Super silent operation. Smooth aesthetic outlook....

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4 way cassette air conditioner
  • New

4 Way Cassette Air Conditioner. Virus Doctor (optional) Compact And Light Unit Motion Detect Sensor(optional) No Overflowing Drain Water New Communication Protocol

Airite air curtains
  • New

Air curtains help to contain heated or conditioned air, they provide sizeable energy savings and personal comfort when applied in industrial or commercial settings. Air curtains al...

  • New

Provides cooling and air circulation for areas such as classrooms, offices, warehouses and more. Made of high quality materials for long lasting durability and dependability

Car air-conditioner Service and re-gassing

Avoid misty windscreens during this rainy season ,stay cool when its hot and warm when its cold...get a same day service today and experience the best comfort of your vehicle all y...

Lg.floor standing tower unit-air conditioner
  • New

Floor Standing Tower Unit Tower units are designed for large open plan spaces where easy installation is required. Including 3 way airflow direction, heating and cooling and ind...

  • New

Split unit air conditioner Stylish, compact and economical units ideal for residential and small commercial applications. Photo-clean air refreshment system. High efficient rec...

midwall split units_LG airconditioner Heating and cooling
  • New

LG's Single Split Inverter cutting-edge technology is reliable, durable and yet reduces engery consumption, noise and vibration. Deigned with environment in mind, it adopts R410A r...

Samsung slim 1way cassette air conditioner
  • New

SAMSUNG Slim 1 Way Cassette Air conditioner • Slim and Compact Design • Quiet operation • No Overflowing Drain Water • New Communication Protocol

Server room cooling system

Maximize efficiency of your servers and minimize electricity costs today with the latest technology in air conditioning .

Supply and installation of Car Radio
  • any type

Our professional installers are true automotive enthusiasts for high quality, professional installation of car radios that are guaranteed for life. Choose Airite Enterprises (Pvt)...

Floor standing tower unit air conditioners
  • New

Floor Standing Tower Unit Air Conditioners The Sirair Tower units are designed for large open plan spaces where easy installation is required. Including 3 way airflow direct...

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