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R410A refrigerant gas
USD 154

R410 refrigerant gas gas doesn't damage the ozone layer, it is not flammable and is non-toxic

Airite air curtains
USD 315
incl. VAT
  • New

Air Curtains air curtains are ideal for supermarkets, restaurants, offices etc. Air Curtains are designed to keep out the following: Summer heat Winter cold Dust Ins...

Car air-conditioner Service and regassing
USD 30
  • any type

Is your car air-conditioner blowing icy cold. If not it is a highly likely your air conditioner has lost its gas or is overdue for service . We can ragas or service your car-aircon

servicing and re-gassing of air conditioners
USD 25
  • Used

we have a team of expert service technicians ready to provide you with exceptional service. We have provided air conditioning repair, servicing and re-gassing for many years, and...

Cassette air conditioners
USD 1,750
  • New

Cassette Air Conditioners (sometimes known as a cartridge air conditioner) For heating or cooling large, open plan offices, malls or restaurants with a usable ceiling...

12000 BTUs Hisense Air-conditioner
USD 972
  • New

Hisense has both heating and Cooling functions.

R22 Refrigerant gas
USD 130

R22 refrigerant gas is mostly used in air conditioning. It is non-toxic and non-flammable that makes the refrigerant highly safe for the domestic and in industrial purposes.

TCL Air conditioners
USD 590
excl. VAT

TCL air conditioners are available in middle wall splits (Split type) models with a capacity of 12000, 18000 and 24 000 BTUs. The range of TCL air conditioners are highly effecient...

LG Mult-V system
USD 1,998
  • New

Central control System ,Best for banks and Smart offices

Repair of water dispensers
USD 45

We have a team of expert technicians who are ready to repair your water dispensers.

Server room cooling system

Maximize efficiency of your servers and minimize electricity costs today with the latest technology in air conditioning .

Surge protector for air conditioners
USD 20

powermatic surge protector for air conditioners available in stock.

Medical refrigeration
USD 954
excl. VAT
  • New


12000 BTUs Media Air-conditioner
USD 715
  • New

Midea air conditioner is designed to deliver: High energy efficient inverter technology to reduce your monthly utilities bill. Super silent operation. Smooth aesthetic outlook....

Water Dispenser
USD 220

Airite water dispensers uses state-of-the art purification technology to provide the cleanest and safest drinking water around .

Floor standing tower unit air conditioners
USD 991
  • New

Floor Standing Tower Unit Air Conditioners The Sirair Tower units are designed for large open plan spaces where easy installation is required. Including 3 way airflow direct...

Samsung slim 1way cassette air conditioner
USD 670
  • New

SAMSUNG Slim 1 Way Cassette Air conditioner • Slim and Compact Design • Quiet operation • No Overflowing Drain Water • New Communication Protocol

Industrial extractor fan
USD 100

Appropriate extraction systems improve productivity, protects products, and prevents accidents, but it is important to get it right. Airite Air can advise on all types of Extractio...

USD 180
  • New

Provides cooling and air circulation for areas such as classrooms, offices, warehouses and more. Made of high quality materials for long lasting durability and dependability

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