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Triangular bandage with safety pins
USD 0.80
  • Harare East

Triangular bandage - comes with safety pins

Renocare Hydrocolloid 10x10cm
  • Harare East

Ideal for burns, waterproof bandage Features • High fluid absorption • Flexible and conf…

Isolation Coverals
USD 18
  • Harare East

Disposable Isolation coveralls with Hood. Protective Isolation Coveralls with Elastic Cuff and …

Ankle Binder
USD 15
  • Harare East

Effective device to support, compress and partially immobilize the ankle following injury or sp…

Doro Bipolar Forcep Sterilisation Tray
USD 800
  • Harare East

Compact: Holds 6 forceps and cables Durable and secure – for storage and sterilization Anod…