MatCrete – Reinforced Waterproofing Cement Lining System
An enhanced fibre-cement blend to be mixed with a solution of FlexBond (a liquid additive), for the saturation and impregnation of CemForce and CemLam forming a reinforced, vapour-proof product of about 4 to 8 mm in thickness.
For creating a thin, reinforced, waterproof cement lining to be applied directly onto hard compacted soil, the inner surface of old, cracked reservoirs etc. For the cost-effective creation of any water-containing structure.
Thin cement linings can now be formed in-situ with the help of the reinforcing of as many layers of CemForce as is necessary for any given strength required. Not only waterproof, but vapour proof as well. Every layer of CemForce applied can withstand 1 meter of positive water pressure.

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