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Happiness, compassion, wisdom and clarity are inherent qualities within all human beings. The true nature of the mind is gentle, peaceful and clear. This seems difficult to believe because most of the time our minds are in a state of anxiety, agitation, desire, passion, anger or grief – all clouds that obscure the bright pure quality of what we truly are. We ourselves are generating these obscurations and thus keeping our innate qualities inaccessible within our minds. Through meditation we can reverse our perspective and recognize these obscurations, how they came about and how to release and dissolve them. The innate brilliance of the mind then naturally manifests.

Meditation is therefore the process of learning to work skillfully with the mind in a way which will lead by successive stages to tranquility, insight, spontaneous purification and total liberation from all negative states. This final stage is accompanied by full and total realization of one’s whole or “divine” potential. Along the way, one sees through the egocentric trap and springs it. As the process of inner discovery progresses, so the state of one’s inner life improves. Inner harmony, clarity and stability come about; the confused, scattered mind is left behind, and one’s life becomes happier, more joyous, open, giving and loving. The culmination is enlightenment – a word similar to infinity or eternity, we have a rough idea of what is meant, but cannot actually grasp the full meaning. However, it is certainly a state of joy that surpasses all understanding.

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